We Olive Apple Cider Vinegar

$23.00 - $39.00

We won't have this small-batch vinegar for long, so stock up now! Crafted by an artisan vinegar maker exclusively for We Olive! This is not your average Apple Cider Vinegar. Made with perfectly ripe, hand-picked apples. Tart and tangy with a crisp apple flavor. Try this in place of red or white wine vinegar in your favorite vinaigrette recipes. Add a splash to fresh fruit for homemade pies and cobblers. Perfect for deglazing pans for gravy. Great for use in DIY pickling projects. 


Some of our favorite combinations:

Pair it with your favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil in this classic vinaigrette recipe.  Try using it to make Quick Pickled Onions!


Other suggested uses:

Add it to brine for turkey and pork or reduce it down to a glaze and combine with mustard to brush on roast pork or chicken.

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