Calivirgin Extra Virgin Olive OIl


500 mL

Calivirgin olive oil is an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil with a unique blend of Koroneiki and Arbequina olives.  Calivirgin olive oil is estate grown and cold-pressed within hours of harvest. 

This produces an aromatic and fresh tasting olive oil with a mild and fruity flavor.

Calivirgin olives are organically grown using sustainable farming practices.  

It is mild enough to use as a trans fat free culinary staple in your kitchen but also for dipping bread. Use this Calivirgin EVOO for baking, sauteeing, dipping, salads and more.

Some of our favorite combinations:

Combine Calivirgin olive oil with our Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar for a simple, healthy salad dressing or a perfect dipping combo for your favorite loaf of bread.

Other suggested uses:

Use Calivirgin Olive Oil instead of butter in your favorite recipes and your heart will thank you.  Learn more about how olive oil contributes to a heart healthy diet.

Calivirgin - Lodi, California

Harvested November 2022 / COOC Approved


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