Calivirgin Olio Nuovo


500 ml

This Calivirgin Olio Nuovo is only available for a limited time!  Fresh and delicious, this is the brand new harvested and cold extracted oil bottled straight from the mill.  Calivirgin Olio Nuovo “New Oil” is complete with small amounts of solids because it has not been racked or filtered.  The young intense fresh fruit taste is what makes it so special.  For this reason it is best to consume within 6 months from harvest.  It is a normal occurrence that over time the sediments will separate and collect at the bottom of the bottle.  Enjoy this fresh raw delicacy as this is as good as extra virgin olive oil gets!


Some of our favorite combinations:

Combine Calivirgin olive oil with our Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar for a simple, healthy salad dressing or a perfect dipping combo for your favorite loaf of bread.


Learn more about how olive oil contributes to a heart healthy diet.


Harvested October 2018



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