Olivas De Oro Black Truffle Olive Oil


100 ml bottle

Mission extra virgin olive oil infused with black truffle concentrate adds depth and earthy flavors to any dish.  Just a little black truffle olive oil goes a long way so just a touch is needed.

Made with Paso Robles fresh harvest olive oil each year.

How to use black truffle olive oil:

  • One of the most popular ways to use black truffle olive oil is on pasta 
  • Drizzle black truffle oil on popcorn for a unique snack idea
  • Use as a finishing oil on pizza, soups or salads
  • Use truffle olive oil to make truffle French fries
  • It's the best truffle oil for truffle mashed potatoes
  • Use this oil to make truffle mac n' cheese
  • Drizzle it over hummus or your favorite dip

Ingredients: EVOO, Black Truffle, Concentrate. 




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