Olivas De Oro Red Chili Garlic Olive Oil 750 ml


Olivas de Oro Red Chili Garlic Olive Oil is grown on the Central Coast of California using sustainable farming practices. It has a fresh garlic and spicy flavor that is made by cold pressing garlic, red chilis and olives together. The oils from the olives, garlic and red chilis are extracted and combined during the milling process. Unlike infused olive oils this method creates a true red chili garlic olive oil. It is the best red chili garlic oil with the most intense flavor.  So you may be wondering how to use chili garlic oil.  

How to use Red Chili Garlic Oil

  • Drizzle this spicy garlic olive oil over vegetables
  • Add a little to the top of grilled meats just before serving
  • Use it as a meat marinade
  • Add this unique garlic oil to warm pasta or even a cold pasta salad
  • Add a little to scrambled eggs or to an omelet
  • Drizzle over a baked potato or to season oven-roasted potatoes
  • Flavor your ramen with this spicy garlic chili oil
  • Drizzle over grilled shrimp or cook your shrimp in it


Our mouths are watering thinking of all of the ways to use red chili garlic oil.  Get yours today!


Cold Pressed January 2022 750ml Pouch

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