Olive Wood Salad Hands


This fun pair of olive wood salad hands is great for mixing and serving salad and as perfect pasta servers. Each set of olive wood salad servers are made from retired olive trees that are no longer producing olives.  Olive wood is known for its beautiful wood grain and can last for years to come.  Each pair (and each salad hand) is completely unique.  If you're looking for the perfect gift to accompany a favorite olive oil and vinegar, the olive wood salad hands are a great choice. Please wash your olive wood with mild soap and water and avoid placing in the dishwasher.  To increase the life of your salad servers, consider "polishing" each hand occasionally with a food safe wood oil.  It not only keeps the wood looking beautiful, but adds a layer of protection to your beautiful olive wood pieces.  

These beautiful olive wood kitchen utensils are compact and fit nicely into kitchen drawers.


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