Sous Salts

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Sous Salts are artfully hand blended salts that are aromatic and versatile. A great addition to any dish from eggs in the morning to seasonings for meat, fish, & poultry for dinner. Also wonderful for salad dressings and sauces. Blends are made with organic and kosher products. All ingredients that are used are of the highest quality complementing and enhancing your culinary creations. Blends are made using French grey sea salt from the Guerande Marshes in France. All six flavors come in a 2oz weck glass jar. 


*Avocado Lime: The combination of grey salt, avocado, and poblano peppers are lightly accented with a touch of cumin, garlic and lime then just spiked with a touch of jalapeno. The result is a perfectly aromatic, flavorful and colorful salt.


*Heirloom Tomato: This salt is infused with the Sun Dried Tomatoes, Celery Seed, Basil and Onion to produce a terrific salt with just a hint of complex sweetness.


*Garlic & Herb: This combination of grey sea salt, oregano, garlic, basil and red pepper flake perfectly enhances whatever savory dish you prepare.


*Olive & Thyme: Earthy Tuscan salt cured black olives are artfully blended with organic thyme, lemon zest and grey sea salt.


*Pinot Noir: An artfully crafted bottle of California Pinot Noir is reduced to a beautiful intense syrup and is infused into French Grey Sea Salt producing a wonderful aromatic and colorful salt. Slightly sweet in taste and reminiscent of the smell of an old oak wine barrel this salt is wonderful in sweet and savory dishes.


*Porcini Mushroom: Capturing the essence of the porcini mushrooms this aromatic blend of mushrooms and French grey sea salt is earthy and Heavenly on everything!


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