We Olive Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

$23.00 - $39.00

Soft and buttery, with lovely citrus notes. Perfect to drizzle over salads, roasted vegetables, chicken, and fish.  This olive oil is great for adding a subtle lemon flavor to many of your baked goods including your favorite cake recipes.  A customer favorite, this proprietary olive oil can only be found at We Olive! Click here for more about Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil.


Some of our favorite combinations:


Try this Summer Salad recipe using our Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil with We Olive's Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar.  It will leave your taste buds smiling.

Use the Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil with We Olive's Aged Balsamic Vinegar on your favorite salad, seasonal vegetables, chicken or fish.   Always a customer favorite combination!

Other suggested uses:

Drizzle over broccoli, artichokes, or tomatoes.  Use as a vegetable oil or butter substitute in your favorite baking recipes.  Use it in a seafood pasta recipe or drizzle over grilled fish or chicken. 



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