About Us

We Olive is the premier retailer of artisan California olive oil. California growers cultivate some of the world’s finest extra virgin olive oils. We Olive was created to give these dedicated growers a common home where shoppers can enjoy a unique olive oil shopping experience. A place where everyone can enjoy the flavor and health benefits of California’s finest EVOO. All olive oil sold at We Olive is certified Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. In only selling Extra Virgin olive oils which have been certified by the California Olive Oil Council, We Olive guarantees the origin, processing, and quality of each oil.

While the California wine industry has been popular around the world for decades, California’s EVOO industry is still relatively unknown. Even though California’s olive oil has been recognized internationally for its superior flavor and craftsmanship, many people are unaware of its existence. In an effort to bring the healthy Mediterranean diet- rich in extra virgin olive oil that offers unparalleled health benefits and flavor- to the people of the United States, We Olive is proud to offer a wide range of high quality products from artisan growers throughout all regions of California. With everything from flavored olive oils to extra virgin olive oils and other healthy ingredients, We Olive has all the healthy ingredients you need to make a delicious meal.

Dedicated to Educating Customers

Extra virgin olive oil, also known as first cold pressed olive oil, has an array of well-documented health benefits and various uses that We Olive is dedicated to sharing with our customers. The environmentalists and health-conscious shoppers of the world already know about the many benefits of extra virgin olive oil…do you? Most people think the best olive oil comes only from Italy or Greece, but California olive oil is amongst these well-known olive oil powerhouses- and has been for some time! Now you can enjoy fresh, delicious EVOO without traveling overseas. We Olive’s eleven retail locations, and an online store, make purchasing the highest quality EVOO, and other healthy ingredients, easier than ever. By supporting our local growers, We Olive is investing in California’s economy, environment, and the health of its people.

For those that are interested in learning more about the production process of the California olive oil companies we support, We Olive’s knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to answer any questions you may have and to share our knowledge on everything EVOO. Our staff are experts when it comes to differences in varietals, harvesting, milling, and storing extra virgin olive oils- all you have to do is ask and you can be an expert too. Local customers that come into our retail stores can also enjoy a full olive oil tasting bar. Spend the afternoon comparing California olive oils, aged vinegars, and other delicious gourmet foods.

Buy the Best California Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Delicacies

Shop our extensive online selection of the latest releases of award-winning California extra virgin olive oils, sampler packs, gourmet foods, and gifts for every business or social occasion.

While We Olive is known as a premier retailer of olive oil throughout California, we offer other hand-crafted food items as well. From mustards and pestos, to tapenades and balsamic vinegars, We Olive has all the gourmet ingredients you desire.


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