Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil

avocado oil vs olive oil


Throughout history, culinary traditions have undergone subtle changes, but something that should be noted is that the primary ingredients with which many of the dishes we know today are prepared have not changed much or did not change almost anything, we are talking about oils, which we use hot or cold to cook or season different foods. Thus, it is worth considering the differences between avocado oil vs olive oil.


Commonly, other types of cooking oils have become widely used, especially for home cooking. For example, sunflower, corn, sesame, and avocado oil. The latter has gained popularity for its consistency and flavor and although it has many health benefits, is it as flexible as other oils?


A perfect example of adaptable oil is authentic extra virgin olive oil, which not only has a silky consistency but is also exceptionally low in acidity compared to other cooking oils that also cannot be used as dressings. In fact, EVOO is unique and extraordinary because it is the only one that is extracted from a kind of green berry, which in this case is the olive.


Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil: What is avocado oil?


Avocado oil has its own charms, because it is rich in oilseeds such as omega 6 and omega 9, in addition to providing vitamins A, B, K, and E.


The avocado by itself and unprocessed contains a lot of fiber, but in the form of oil, it is also a good aid to digestion, helps take care of the intestinal flora, and better transport food bolus.


Avocado oil can bring other benefits such as nutrition of the skin and body, thanks to the nutrients of its kind that help maintain the skin, nails, and hair. On many occasions, it is used to prepare cosmetics because avocado is an extremely popular fruit for its consistency and particular properties.


So actually, avocado oil is super healthy. The bad news is that its oil is usually extracted hot, because the small amount of natural fiber in the fruit itself, does not allow the oil to separate, its consistency is difficult to handle cold if it needs to be processed, so the extraction fails to be done cold and in the end loses many properties that the raw fruit can have, such as some vitamins, minerals, and proteins.


Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil: What things make them so special?


Since we are considering the extraction of avocado oil and olive oil, let's talk about the fact that extra virgin olive oil is called in such a way by some relevant factors. First and foremost, it is extracted cold, thus preserving all its original properties except for a small amount of fiber. For thousands of years, EVOO has been a symbol of good cuisine, both in homes and in the best restaurants.


We had already talked about its good taste, but what about its properties? The main characteristic of California olive oils is an adequate dose of three important fatty acids in a single tablespoon that is Omegas 3, 6, and 9, the first two only being present in fish and nuts.


When it comes to finding a healthy diet and choosing between avocado oil and olive oil, it is also necessary to think about the type of supplements or primary ingredients that we are going to use when preparing dishes and that is something with which olive oil can help us because it has less saturated fat than many common commercial oils. That does not mean that it does not produce fat in the long term in the body, but with the amount of good cholesterol it provides, it is less harmful than common oils.


As we mentioned before, it is called extra virgin olive because, in addition to having a fairly organic process, its nature should not be altered with heat or with other additives such as other types of oils, preservatives, or dyes are not added, nor is it put in containers that compromise its initial state, for example, plastic, aluminum or translucent glass. EVOO should always be stored in dark glass.


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Avocado oil vs olive oil: the unique qualities of top-quality extra virgin olive oil


Although it can later be used to prepare hot dishes, its extraction process guarantees that it will not lose any of its important properties, in addition to hardly losing density, as it is a fairly uniform oil, with good flavor and good aroma. This is remarkable because with it you can make different dressings and preparations for sandwiches, such as tapenade, garlic preserves, dressings with chili pepper and aromatic herbs, and many more things.


No other oil known so far has the versatility of authentic EVOO. Recently, it was discovered that extra virgin olive oil can also be combined with fruits high in fructose, which is the natural sugar of sweet fruits, and that on top of everything, tastes great with vanilla! Vanilla is an ingredient known to be present in baking, but never next to an oil of the EVOO fame.


A quick and practical recipe for using this discovery is the vanilla-olive cake, you only need the basic ingredients of a normal basic cake bread, rosemary, natural vanilla, and the conventional recipe of your favorite cake bread. You only need to replace the butter or oil for the EVOO previously aromatized with vanilla beans and a bit of rosemary.


When it was discovered that it had compatibility with other unconventional ingredients, the culinary world began to go crazy, in a good way. Innovations began to emerge in dishes from all over the world, others just followed the trend and were fascinated with the new flavors, but it is surely fascinating that every day more of this unique and wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil is discovered.


Avocado oil vs olive oil: Will you experience the extraordinary taste and benefits of EVOO?


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