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A gift can connect, strengthen relationships, show gratitude, make someone feel important, and even hug from a distance. Currently, gift boxes are an excellent way to enhance that special occasion, but if you want to get out of the classic and do it differently, we will help you.


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     What distinguishes our We Olive gift boxes?

     Which boxes contain an exclusive We Olive gift box?

     5 Amazing advantages of gift boxes

     How you can get or send a gift box


What makes our We Olive's gourmet gift boxes stand out?


When choosing gift boxes, it's important to consider three aspects: the essence of the gift, the packaging, and the way to get it. The essence has to do with something that the person likes. But also, the style of your packaging, whether a decorative or neutral gift box, can create curiosity and expectation. Finally, the form has to see if it is a special event or a fixed date.


At We Olive, we have become experts in unique gift boxes. Whether it's gift boxes for women, romantic occasions, passionate about cooking, or just for a casual event, what you're looking for it's just our gift boxes. We are a company distinguished by:


     Product quality


In our face-to-face or online olive oil stores, we offer certified products of the highest quality. Many of them are handcrafted and considered a gourmet class. Our quality standards are guided by official credentials such as the COOC (California Olive Oil Council) seal of quality that offers security and authenticity to consumers regarding our certified olive oil.


     Secure Shipping


We are your best option if you want your gift box to arrive in the best condition anywhere in the US at a flat rate of $9.99. We have careful shipping care protocols so that the presentation of our products is optimal. In addition, we will insist that it arrives just in time for the date you want.


     Unique design


One of our most popular designs is cardboard boxes with refined elegance. Depending on the box you select, the size and products may vary. You can also send us a message or specification that gives even more personality to your gift.


What can a We Olive gift box contain?


We Olive is not only focused on offering you the best extra virgin olive oil but also contains a select range of gourmet products you will love. Next, we will talk about nine gift boxes that have become our customers' favorites for their variety, versatility, and great proposal.


Experience Sampler Olive Oil Gift Box

This fantastic set of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar samples includes five bottles of the most classic products that every foodie must have.


experience-sampler-evoo-balsamic vinegar.jpg


Chef's Collection Gift Box Choose a Combination

The spectacular collection of three bottles of olive oil of different varieties of olive and attached balsamic is a choice that cannot fail. We have the Savory Collection, Classic Collection, and Artisan Collection.




Traditional Two Pack Gift Box

If you want to send a day with the best extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar, you can choose a stylish box with 12.75 oz or 25.36 oz bottles.


Essentials Gift Box

This popular gift box offers you four magnificent products with which you can create delicious fusions. In addition to extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and balsamic vinegar, it includes two types of delightful tapenade, artichoke caper tapenade and black olive tapenade.


EVOO-aged-balsamic-vinegar-artichoke tapenade-olive-tapenade.jpg


Ultimate Chef's Choice Gift Box

Do you love the Chef's Collection Gift Box but want more products? This gift box offers these three favorite collections of our customers but in bottles of 25.36 oz.


 Flavored Olive Oil | Olive Oil Gift Basket | Flavored Balsamic Vinegar.jpg

Dipping Delight Gift Box

If you are looking for a gift box with delicious spreadable accompaniments to immerse your sandwiches in this option, you can find five exclusive elements.


Olive Tapenade | Bacon Jam | Parmesan Asiago.jpg


Tasty Trio Gift Box

Parmesan Asiago dipArtichoke Caper Tapenade, and Black Olive Tapenade make this set an explosion of flavors to accompany pasta, sandwiches, or dishes of hors d'oeuvres.


Parmesan Asiago | Artichoke Tapenade | Black Olive Tapenade.jpg


Gourmet Delight Gift Box

If you want to surprise someone, you cannot miss knowing one of our most complete options. This box includes the most iconic spreads, an olive wood bowl and spoon, and organic snacks.


Bacon Jam | Black Olive Tapenade | Artichoke Tapenade.jpg


Fire Up the Grill Gift Box

This collection is aimed at those who love barbecues. In addition to our classic olive oil, you will find incredible products with smoky flavor notes, including bacon jam.

 Garlic Olive oil | Bacon Jam | Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.jpg



Salad Olive Oil Gift Basket

For those who want to leave a lasting memory, we offer you a gift set that, in addition to the favorite duo of EVOO and the best balsamic vinegar, contains one of the best cookbooks, a set of olive wood salad bowls, and a reusable box.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Aged Balsamic Vinegar.jpg


Experience 5 amazing advantages of gift boxes


Why is a gift box one of the best options to impress? The reality is that our gift boxes are designed for those people who love to enjoy special meals, take care of their health, and have an exquisite palate. You must consider both the occasion, the tastes of the person, and the reason for your gift.


Discover the 5 exclusive advantages:


  1. A sophisticated touch

Both the boxes and the products are designed with an elegant and subtle style. That is why they are perfect for both a professional and intimate environment.


  1. Perfect size

Among our variety of options, you can choose the ideal size you want for your gift. If you're going to highlight, a large gift box can impress, or if you want to be more subtle, a small gift box will suit your expectation.


  1. The element of surprise

Gift boxes can create surprise, expectation, and illusion. A gift box can create a special memory even if you are at a distance.


  1. Health and flavor

If you want to pamper those you love the most while taking care of their health, you can achieve it by giving away certified and top-rated organic products from California's farms.


  1. Personal touch

By sending your box, you can send a special message along with your gift, whether to say congratulations, a few special words, or any other touch that gives personality to your present.


How you can get or send a unique gourmet gift box


You may be wondering right now where I can buy a gift box. You will find an olive oil store near me or order online on our website. Remember that you can schedule a shipment in time to any part of the country. You can also contact us directly at the email or call 805 238 2900, and we will gladly attend to your request. Organize, design, and choose one of We Olive's gift boxes to make a memorable and tasty gift!


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