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 Best olive oil gift basket


Still not sure about what to give? With so many available options, it can be tricky and even confusing to know what the ideal gift can be because you surely want to make a good impression on the person that will receive it. We often wish to convey gratitude, affection, or consideration for someone. If you have a lot of ideas in your head or just want to play it safe when it comes to giving someone a treat, olive oil gift baskets may be your best option.


Gift baskets are a current trend through which you can include many favorite ad delicious products at once. Typically, they include fruits, sweets, and other foods of almost immediate consumption. At We Olive, we focus on the distribution of the best olive oil, that is, authentic extra virgin olive oil characterized by its outstanding quality and genuine flavor. You can put together your ideal gift through our special gift collections and We Olive gift set.


What can you include in a gift basket?


Do olive oil gift baskets only contain extra virgin olive oil? Not at all! Of course, extra virgin olive oil is one of our products with the highest demand thanks to its exceptional flavor and quality. In fact, many have discovered that behind EVOO, there is a whole new delicious, and healthy world to discover. Of course, you can find the classic California olive oil, developed with a careful artisanal process and characteristics that adhere to Mediterranean traditions.


You will find the best options from the Chef's collection, tasty trio, and gourmet food collection that contain exclusive top-rated products such as the following:


  • Arbequina olive oil
  • Meyer lemon olive oil
  • Garlic olive oil
  • Basil olive oil


 Best olive oil gift


Some of our baskets contain 3 to 5 bottles in elegant presentations ideal for gifts. But that's not all; you can also find exciting combinations of exquisite products of the highest quality gathered in the same basket. This expands your choice of tastes and gift ideas. Here are some fantastic products that stand out in the best gift baskets for containing extraordinary gourmet food gifts:


  • Aged balsamic vinegar
  • Blackberry balsamic vinegar
  • Capers and artichokes tapenade
  • Smoked bacon jam
  • Tapenade of black olives
  • Parmesan Asiago Dip
  • Organic snacks
  • Olive wood bowl and spoon
  • Exclusive cookbook


Best gift box for olive oil lovers


6 advantages of our exclusive olive oil gift baskets


Often the value of a gift is not in its cost but in the thought and effort that has been put into it. A gift may be able to convey an important message to the recipient. Therefore, if you wonder why, you should choose olive oil gift baskets among many other options, here are 6 exceptional advantages these can offer you.


1. Gourmet products at an affordable price


Gourmet products are characterized not only by exceptional taste but also by high quality in processing and appearance. Therefore, it is not always easy to pamper yourself or others and obtain top-quality organic food at an affordable price. Similarly, the cost usually increases if we want to obtain them separately. However, one of the significant advantages of olive oil gift baskets is that it's a package that includes several products in practical presentations and at a lower price.


2. Elegance and originality


We know that bows and wraps can be a headache when we want to impress with our gift. For this reason, gift baskets are designed with a simple yet elegant approach. Thus, you won't have to worry about how to fix your gift. In addition, you can choose custom labeled bottles to give a much more original and elegant appearance. Can you imagine someone's surprise when they receive a gift with their name or a special note on the label?


3. Variety in a single basket for a party in your mouth


Lovers of food experiences and foodies are always eager to discover new things and different flavors that are truly extraordinary. So, gift baskets are ideal when including several oriented products in a line of foods that can be incredible when fused or combined. For example, those with a developed palate love to know the special collections of EVOO and balsamic vinegar with different and new flavor notes. In addition, the variety gives it an element of surprise when they get to try new recipes.


4. It's a versatile gift


Olive oil gift baskets are ideal for every occasion and event, such as parties, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, family meals, and many others. They are also perfect for more formal occasions as corporate gifts or other professional events. The variety of exclusive baskets that we have available for you will allow you to adapt not only to tastes but to each occasion, confident that you will make a memorable gift.


5. Ship it anywhere in the US


Can't make it to a party or special date? Do you want to surprise that person by sending a gift from a distance? Or do you have little time to go shopping for a gift? Do not worry. The We Olive online olive oil store allows you to select any of our products, locate the nearest store (use our olive oil store near me tool), or place your order online. Thus, with just a few clicks, the gift basket will arrive safely at your home or to whoever you want to deliver to receive it.


6. It's extremely hard to go wrong when it comes to artisan-made products


Gourmet food gifts are simply irresistible. Often, people prefer gifts they can enjoy and not just toss aside. So, when it comes to delicious food, it can become a special and much more enduring memory. Often the gourmet products of our gift baskets become favorites of many since they are practical, tasty, and easy to combine and use in numerous recipes.


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Discover the best gift baskets and make memorable gifts


Did you know that We Olive has the best gift baskets? The answer is very simple: the high quality of our gourmet products sets us apart from the best olive oil certified by the COOC, one of California's most renowned institutions of products. Its careful artisanal process and superior flavor make even the best oil enthusiasts fall in love with it. In addition, our products are finely selected and will guarantee an incredible culinary experience.


Shop now for an olive oil gift basket! Buy it for a friend, family member, colleague, or, why not, as a treat to yourself. Discover incredible products by visiting our online oil store. We invite you to get to know our top-rated products and send the message you want to convey with a delightful gift!


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