​Is There a Real Benefit to Taking Olive Oil on An Empty Stomach?

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 10th Jun 2022

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Is There a Real Benefit to Taking Olive Oil on An Empty Stomach?

Olive oil stores are incredibly reliable when looking for quality products not only to delight our palates but also to enjoy fantastic health benefits, such as taking EVOO on an empty stomach. But is it a myth, a remedy, or a proven method to boost our health? Find out the basis of the idea that this habit is good for health and if you can get any positive effects by consuming it.

For many, consuming olive oil on an empty stomach arises as a grandmother's remedy passed down from family to family. Even without scientific evidence for a long time, its use was not only culinary but also managed to remedy some health ailments. Therefore, this use has been transmitted in some cases from generation to generation; today, it is a frequent practice.

Fortunately, modern medicine can tell us more precisely what effect our habits have on our health. Regarding this practice, a renowned dietitian-nutritionist from the Biomedical Network Center for Obesity and Nutrition mentioned that the benefits of olive oil are currently supported by more scientific evidence. So EVOO opens the opportunity for you to enjoy benefits you never imagined.

Why is fasting recommended?

Today, we know more about the processes of our body. One of these processes is hypoglycemia. It is experienced at certain levels. For example, while waking up in the morning, some studies suggest that when we consume our first meal of the day, the body ingests it more efficiently because the nutrients are better assimilated or enhanced.

A common way to consume extra virgin olive oil is to take a few teaspoons of raw oil, or some accompany it with a glass of water with a few drops of lemon, especially if it is for digestive problems. Taking it with lemon is also practical for those who find it difficult to digest the taste or sensation of fat. However, the palate gets used to it over time and even acquires a taste for the increasingly natural flavor.

Is it a miracle remedy?

No. Although olive oil indeed contains multiple properties that can improve health, it is necessary to consider other key factors to produce a positive effect on it. In the nest olive oil stores , you can always obtain a suitable product; even so, its use and consumption must be accompanied by fundamental aspects such as the following:

Correct dose

People of all ages and conditions can consume olive oil. In the Mediterranean diet EVOO, it is usually consumed in each home, and all family members consume it daily. We must be careful with the doses. Some specialists recommend not exceeding four tablespoons daily per person.

The way to consume it

Although certified olive oil can be used for cooking, the most suitable way to consume it is raw. As a result, its properties are maximized. Even so, you can cook some food with oil from time to time. Just remember that nutritionists recommend not abusing fried foods and ensuring that the oil does not burn.

Choice of extra virgin olive oil

The experts at We Olive's olive oil stores say it is always recommended to take the best extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach, as it is of the highest possible quality. The fact that the label says extra virgin olive oil does not necessarily mean that it is of quality. The variety of the olive, the maturation, the environmental conditions, and its elaboration influence its quality. That is important because the more quality it has, the more nutrients and polyphenols it will contribute to your health.

A healthy lifestyle

Our daily behaviors, habits, and attitudes contribute positively to our physical and mental health. When we balance fundamental aspects of our lives, such as diet, physical exercise, and mental health, our entire body functions appropriately.

In contrast, if we don't eliminate unhealthy habits, they will overshadow the things that can benefit us. For example, if you consume California olive oil on an empty stomach but consume foods rich in fat, sugar, or large quantities during the day, you will hardly notice a positive effect.

Five benefits of consuming EVOO on an empty stomach

1. Decreased gastric acidity

Among its many benefits, one has to do with reflux or gastric acidity. It is an uncomfortable problem as patients find it difficult to enjoy every meal. It has been found that the oil can form a film on the gastric wall, reducing many symptoms caused by this disease.

2. It reduces cardiovascular problems

Good fats prevent arteries from clogging. So extra virgin olive oil has antioxidant quality, is abundant in polyphenols, and can increase good cholesterol, which is especially useful for those prone to accidents or heart problems. Therefore, you will be taking care of your health in the short and long term.

3. It promotes intestinal health

Do you constantly suffer from constipation? Then run to an olive oil store because you will be glad to know that EVOO on an empty stomach has a slight laxative effect. So, in these cases, if your constipation problem is frequent, it will help you stabilize your digestive process. Also, being a natural product, it does not cause long-term effects like some laboratory drugs.

4. It facilitates weight loss

If I take certified olive oil on an empty stomach, will I no longer have to exercise to lose weight? That would be ideal, but in reality, olive oil will help you have better results based on your effort. It works by activating a substance called oleoyl ethanolamine, derived from oleic acid, which favors having a satiating effect when eating.

5. It Reduces hangover effects

One of the causes of the hangover is that the residual elements when ingesting alcohol cause congeners or toxic substances, which as a consequence, cause different discomforts. It is believed that the barrier produced by consuming EVOO oil in an empty stomach wall allows alcohol not to remain on said wall, and it neutralizes alcohol effects to some extent.

Start a new healthy habit!

That is just one beneficial way to use EVOO, but remember that you can consume it with your meal at any time of the day. Consuming it frequently before or during meals is an easy and even inexpensive way to prevent future health problems.

Like any good habit, the most significant benefits are experienced in the long term based on perseverance and discipline. And the enormous advantage of olive oil is that it is a delicious, accessible, and easy-to-use product.

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