How Does EVOO Help Your Immune System?

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 8th Oct 2021

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EVOO has long been a favorite component in numerous dishes as the main ingredient or to make other ingredients stand out. However, California olive oil is becoming increasingly popular to provide numerous health benefits . If what you are looking for is an extraordinary and authentic flavor that is great for your health, you will find it in We Olive.

Genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When it comes to protecting ourselves from the outside world and infections, genuine extra virgin olive oil produced by local California artisan farmers will significantly strengthen your immune system.

How does it do it? EVOO can boost our immune system because it is rich in natural antioxidants, thus, reinforcing the defenses against viruses, infections, and bacteria. Therefore, various scientific studies have found that two spoons a day of extra virgin olive oil are vital to enjoying such benefits.

Next, let's see what extra virgin olive oil brings to our body and how it can help us fight the effects of Covid-19.

What role does EVOO play in our body?

Research has shown that EVOO contains polyphenols that protect blood lipids from oxidation. Among the polyphenols in the oil, we find prevalent substances such as Oleocanthal and Hydroxytyrosol, which besides their remarkable benefits, they leave us that rich, spicy, bitter taste on the palate.

Other benefits that extra virgin olive oil provides to the immune system are the following:

Increases cell production and fights their oxidation

Provides greater resistance to pathogens

Improves our protection against parasites, bacteria, and viruses

In addition, EVOO is a source of vitamins such as A, D, E, and K and fatty acids, which are incredibly beneficial to our health, such as omega 3. It is best to consume fresh extra virgin olive oil to ensure we will receive such benefits.

How EVOO helps us minimize the effects of Covid-19

The nutritional properties of EVOO olive oil have been known since ancient times. Scientific evidence has shown that they contain compounds that enhance the immune system and reduce inflammation caused by viruses like the Coronavirus.

For example, it is interesting that clinical trials show that continuous consumption of extra virgin olive oil can block that virus by protecting cells, as long as the viral load is not very high in the body.

Consequently, the natural substances in the best extra virgin olive oil act as a defense mechanism, opening the door to an effective treatment against the Coronavirus and reducing its effects in the body.

Where can you get authentic EVOO to improve your immune system?

Having EVOO always in your pantry can be an excellent ally to fight viral infections and have a healthy immune system. Above all, California EVOO has superior quality and taste, which stand out from other so-called extra virgin olive oils, but do not ensure its fresh and authentic production method.

Remember that all We Olive EVOO products are certified by the COOC (California Olive Oil Council), making them top-quality and genuine. Thus, every time you shop for our certified olive oil and balsamic vinegar at our online shop or our olive oil stores , you can rest assured you are receiving all the health benefits you deserve.

Therefore, if you are looking to boost your immune system and increase your food quality and cooking skills, shop now or use our olive oil stores near me tool to find the closest location to you. Also, you can enjoy incredible food and olive oil tastings near me .

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