EVOO is a highly esteemed product worldwide for its versatility, unique taste, and extraordinary contribution to our health and wellbeing. It is estimated that about 3 million tons of olive oil are produced all over the world each year. 


To give us an idea of ​​what this means, think about the following: to make just one liter of authentic extra virgin olive oil, almost 19 lbs. or 8 kilos of olives are needed! 


In fact, there are countries like Greece, where it is estimated that only one inhabitant can consume up to 4.3 gallons (16.3 lt.) of olive oil per year. 



And in Portugal, each person can consume 2.1 gallons (7 lt.) per year. Thus, olive oil is as common as having salt and pepper in the pantry in places like those.


However, the reality is that the genuine olive oil producers are located in only a few countries around the world. That is why We Olive, our focus is to make this product more and more accessible to a greater number of people in America.


To better appreciate what this fabulous food can offer you, on this page, we will tell you about its history and some of the most renowned producers such as Italy, Spain, and the Mediterranean. e Olive, our focus is to make this product more and more accessible to a greater number of people in America.


You will also discover how it can be used, some cooking tips, how to know when olive oil is counterfeit, and all the benefits that EVOO can provide to your health.


By understanding essential details about this exceptional product, you will learn to recognize which brand offers you the highest quality and one that should never be missing in your pantry. So read on to discover the exciting world of extra virgin olive oil.


History of EVOO 


You are probably wondering where EVOO comes from what its origin is. Well, we have to go back a few thousand years to learn the whole story. The first records and archaeological findings of the use of olive oil date back to ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians attached great importance to this liquid gold.


For this reason, the olive tree is represented in the sarcophagi (tombs of the pharaohs). But, the variety of olive oil found in Egypt did not allow a good production of oils. Since olive oil became scarce, it began to be used more in pharmacological or cosmetic products. At the same time, it was given religious and spiritual use.


The climate also contributed to the scarcity of olive oil production in this region. However, the Egyptians were the first to trade this good despite the shortage. In this way, its consumption and high demand were satisfied with imports from other producing areas like Greece.

best extra virgin olive oil


Regarding that country, the ancient Greeks gave incredible importance to extra virgin olive oil. In fact, thanks to archeological findings, we know that they included in their artwork the olive tree in ceramics, jewels, and objects of the daily life of the time. It was also used as medicine, cosmetics, and fuel in ancient Egypt.


Interestingly, in the first Olympic games, the champions were awarded a crown made of olive branches as an award because the olive tree represented immortality. Also, in these competitions, those who participated used the oil as sunscreen and to cure burns and injuries.


Although extra virgin olive oil reached its maximum splendor with the Roman Empire, it has been present throughout history from ancient Egypt -some say even from earlier times- to our present times. Therefore, EVOO has a long tradition, and it has long been proven to be an invaluable natural resource.


EVOO in Italy 


Italy is one of the world's richest countries on a gastronomic, cultural, and historical level. This region of the world is characterized by being a producer of select wine, cheeses, emblematic dishes such as pasta and pizza, as well as its tourist places full of history and culture. 


In addition, the EVOO of Italian origin is recognized throughout the world for its extraordinary quality.  


History indicates that the connection between the olive tree and the Italian lands dates back to the year 1000 BC, when the Greeks began to cultivate this plant in different parts of Italy. 


That is how an extension of their knowledge, extraction, and olive oil conservation began. Currently, Italy has become one of the leading exporters of bottled extra virgin olive oil.


What makes it so special? One of the factors that significantly influence Italian EVOO olive oil is its diversity. In Italy, around 350 varieties of olives are known, which makes the taste unique. 


As a result, Italian olive oil from various regions has important designations such as PDO, which means Protected Designations of Origin. Some of the regions most recognized for being large producers are:


  • Apulia

  • Calabria

  • Sicily

  • Tuscany

  • Sardinia

  • Lake Garda

  • Lazio

Among all this incredible variety, very particular flavors, smells, textures, and tones can be appreciated from one region to another. You will find types of oil with the following characteristics:


  • Fruity. - This type of olives stand out for their pleasant fruity flavor while being intense on the palate.

  • Spicy. - This variety enhances exquisite dishes as its spicy and herb-scented notes intensify the flavors even more.

  • Gentle. - This kind of olive creates a more inclusive flavor to the sweet side, so it is smooth and subtle.



EVOO in Spain


In recent years, Spain has been the largest consumer of EVOO, which means that each Spaniard consumes approximately nearly 3 gallons (11 lt.) of olive oil per year. The current trend of consumers is to bet on quality. 


Therefore, the consumption of olive oil does not stop growing. Below we describe some reasons why Spain is the world queen of genuine extra virgin olive oil.


Ancient roots and traditions. - Spain has been consuming EVOO Olive Oil for thousands of years as it is a cultural issue rooted in their way of life. It is the main ingredient in their local gastronomy constantly. 


Nutritional value. - The population knows the incredible olive oil health benefits; thus, they consume it at least two tablespoons a day. 


Geographical diversity.- Since Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe, all Spanish regions produce their own EVOO. In addition, its territory is very diverse in its crops, and there are different altitudes and climates, which means that olives are of different varieties and properties.


Prestige. - This country has a high demand for artisan-made extra virgin olive oil, making it a prestigious producer worldwide. In fact, Spain is one of the leading exporters of this ancestral product.


Spain is undoubtedly the leading country in producing and consuming extra virgin olive oil. If you want to taste the best extra virgin olive oil in its highest quality and expression, do not miss the extraordinary California Olive Oil We Olive has for you. For example, we have available some of the best Arbequina olive oil and Koroneiki olive oil.


    arbequina olive oil                               koroneiki olive oil


Also, you can locate the olive oil store near me for your convenience. 


EVOO in the Mediterranean Region 


You have undoubtedly heard and even experienced the popular and nutritious Mediterranean diet. It consists of a meal plan based on vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish, and of course, extra virgin olive oil. All which is combined with cooking methods originating in the Mediterranean region. 


The cultivation and extraction of EVOO date back to about 6,000 years before our era. Egypt, Greece, Phenicia, and Hittim are some of the places that began to specialize and expand the knowledge of this exceptional product. 


The objective is to base a diet on fresh and little processed natural products. In fact, one of the most distinguished products of this extraordinary place is extra virgin olive oil.


Its exportation began to proliferate in those areas since, in ancient times, it was given multiple uses such as the production of soaps, to heal wounds, for religious ceremonies, and as a bargaining chip for bartering, and of course, it was a daily staple in practically all homes for cooking.


Therefore, the population in this region is an expert in using olive oil. You can find green, purple, and black olives among its immense variety. Each class receives a unique treatment to preserve its acidity and properties as naturally as possible. The most recognized olive varieties in the Mediterranean area are: 

Thanks to the conditions of the Mediterranean regions, such as climate, landscapes, and ecosystem, their population enjoys EVOO of the highest quality. In fact, California has unique conditions, such as its climate and soil, that allow growing and producing extra virgin olive oil with the same high-quality standards as in the Mediterranean region.


mediterranean evoo diet


Popular EVOO Recipes 


EVOO is one of the ingredients that should not be missing in your kitchen. You will be surprised by how many recipes you can make with this essential element, from appetizers, entrees, dressings, and even desserts and cocktails. 


Here are just a few of the most popular and delicious recipes using extra virgin olive oil.


  • Fresh Basil Pesto Dip. - This is a great recipe for vegan or vegetarian meals enthusiasts. You only need 3 cups of fresh compact basil, ⅔ cup of  We Olive's fresh basil olive oil, ½ cup of pine nuts toasted until golden brown, ⅔ cup of grated Parmesan cheese, 2-3 minced garlic cloves, salt and pepper to taste. Then, blend everything until it is smooth, and if you prefer your dip to be a little thinner, simply drizzle more olive oil.


  • Spicy jalapeño chicken sandwich. - This recipe will need 4 boneless chicken thighs, 2 tablespoons of jalapeño olive oil, 4 teaspoons of We Olive's sriracha lime white balsamic vinegar, or truff hot sauce, lettuce, and sliced ​​tomato, sliced ​​onion, 4 slices of pepper jack, salt, and pepper to taste. Over medium heat, you will place the breasts lightly drizzled with these two tablespoons of EVOO. Enjoy this spectacular flavor!


  • Pumpkin soup. - On the other hand, if you like soups or want to warm up during wintertime, there is a very exquisite soup. The ingredients are 2 tablespoons of We Olive Organic Koroneiki olive oil, 1 small chopped onion, 1 chopped celery stalk, 1 medium chopped carrot, 2 medium diced potatoes, 1 medium squash, peeled, diced seedless, 1 container (32 oz.) of chicken broth, salt, and pepper to taste.


best extra virgin olive oil

There are countless recipes that you can make with your EVOO olive oil to make all your dishes stand out. So dare to try the unique flavor of this oil in your favorite foods. You will not regret it! 

Follow us on our social networks so that you know the latest trends and recipes made by our world-class chefs but easy to make to surprise your friends and family.


Olive Oil Health Benefits



Besides being a great ally in your meals, EVOO has fantastic nutritious properties that positively affect the health of those who consume it. For example, it favors a robust immune system. So, it helps our body acquire greater defenses against external pathogens. 

It can be used on an empty stomach, in meals, salads, and even as a balm. Here are at least 15 outstanding benefits:

  1. It helps reduce bad cholesterol levels

  2. Promotes better blood circulation

  3. Good functioning of the digestive system

  4. Helps against constipation

  5. It can help control blood pressure

  6. Vitamin A helps with eye care and prevents anemia

  7. Vitamin E favors skincare and protects us from viruses

  8. Vitamin D promotes better absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the blood

  9. Vitamin K helps maintain bones

  10. Polyphenols are excellent cell antioxidants, reducing the risk of degenerative diseases.

  11. It favors the control of diabetes since it facilitates the control of glucose levels

  12. Contains properties estimated to prevent memory impairment

  13. May reduce appetite and anxiety when eating

  14. It is an excellent skin moisturizer when used topically

  15. In ancient times it was used for wound healing to promote good healing

the healthiest EVOO


How to tell when an EVOO is fake 


Authentic extra virgin olive oil comes exclusively from the first pressing of the olive harvest and does not contain additives. However, some olive oil companies adulterate their product when they dilute it with cheap soybean or seed oil and can even be mixed with lower quality oil. So how can you tell a real EVOO from a fake one?

The only way to know when an EVOO  is fake is by knowing the characteristics of genuine extra virgin olive oil. Let's see some characteristics that will help you avoid fraud.  

  • Check the label. - Whether the label says pure or virgin, or even if it says explicitly "extra "virgin," is not synonymous with authenticity. Most commercial brands include a mixture of different oils to give low-cost products. As we explain below, a genuine EVOO must have its process and production certified.  

  • Look for the date on the label. - The labels usually show the date the olives were harvested. If it is, in fact, shown, it indicates that the company is serious about its process and quality. Besides, if the date is recent, you can know that the olives are fresh and from that year.

  • Type of olives. - Check the type of olives the olive oil was made. It can be a mixture of different varieties of olives or a single variety. If you read well, you make sure that it is not mixed with other seed oils.

  • The price. - If the price of an oil is too low, it's a bad indication since it costs more for artisan producers to make real and top-quality extra olive oil, as is the case with We Olive's California olive oil.

  • Aroma and flavor.An authentic oil has a bright greenish color. In addition, it should have a fruity, fresh aroma with herbal tinges, and its flavor has notes of bitterness and leaves a spicy feeling in the throat.

  • Type of bottle.Experts confirm that it is better to buy a bottle made of dark glass because it better maintains the quality of the product by not allowing light to enter, which reduces its freshness. 

Also, the label should indicate the degree of acidity. Typically, the acidity average level is 0.8%, 0.5% is good, but 0.3% is considered the highest quality, according to world-renowned experts.


If an EVOO does not meet all these characteristics, then the chances are that such a brand produces fake or low-quality olive oil. Is there another quick way to know that an EVOO is authentic? Indeed there is, as you explain below.


Certified Olive Oil


Did you know that olive oil has quality classifications? Not all olive oil is of top-quality, provides the same health benefits, and, as noted above, might not be authentic and follow the correct process to be truly extra virgin. 


Therefore, if you want to experience and enjoy all the benefits that olive oil has provided over the centuries, and after countless efforts to maintain the original process, you must be 100% confident that what you are buying is genuinely "extra virgin" olive oil.


How can you do that with so many choices at the store? To help you identify it, the International Olive Council (IOC) has created standards and norms that allow them to classify and grant distinguished certifications to olive oil companies. Thus, their certifications and seals serve as a guide for exporters and consumers.


Producers must submit their olive oils to a testing process to evaluate their product in detail and thus become certified olive oil. These tests focus not only on chemical parameters but also on sensory ones such as taste, color, texture, and properties that are kept as natural as possible. 


Some of the best-known certifications are:


COOC - California Olive Council

This prestigious institution awards olive oils produced in California that meet the highest quality standards from farming to processing, bottling, and storing. Additionally, it helps determine that California Olive Oil is free from defects and ensures optimal quality to consumers. 


At We Olive, we are proud to say that all our EVOO products have received this exceptional seal and certificate. 

certified olive oil


 NAOOA - North American Olive Oil Association


This certification is granted to those imported products that comply with the standards established by the IOC. So their EVOO is sent to a laboratory and sensory panel accredited by the IOC.


AOA - Australian Olive Association


For those producer members in Australia, this program is in charge of verifying the quality through a code of practice of the Australian Olive Association.


ONZ - Olives New Zealand


This is a program open to both members and non-members previously enrolled. In addition to the above parameters, this organization also verifies that the bottling is correct, contains the consumption date, and is packaged in a box or package that protects it from sun exposure and light.


Flavored Olive Oil 


At We Olive, we offer extraordinary flavored olive oil, which is really infused to maintain the extra virgin properties and provide wonder flavor twists. 


Some of the most popular infused olive oils are garlic olive oil, Meyer lemon olive oil, fresh basil olive oil, jalapeño olive oil, rosemary olive oil, and blood orange olive oil, among others. 


Of course, these infusions may vary depending on the season and preserve the extraordinary olive oil health benefits. Taste this extraordinary selection at our online store or search for an olive oil store near me.


 garlic olive oil  Meyer lemon olive oil  blood orange olive oil  jalapeño olive oil  basil olive oil


Arbequina Olive Oil 


One of the most remarkable varieties of olives is the one called Arbequina. Although it is very typical of some regions of Spain, it is also found in abundance in California thanks to its similar weather and soil. The oil extracted from Arbequina olives creates an incredibly versatile product, which is why it has become a favorite of many foodies and connoisseurs.


Arbequina olive oil is characterized by its fruity flavor and contains notes of sweet lemongrass. It contains almost no bitter notes, so it is very soft on the palate. That is why the intensity it brings to each dish is exceptionally delicious. In addition to being quite aromatic, it is ideal for salads, baked goods, roasts, and more. 


The attributes of its exquisite flavor have also been enhanced by combining them with other varieties of olives such as Arbosana, which give rise to a special extra virgin olive oil when combined. At We Olive, we offer "Arbequina Blend" that you will not regret tasting and using to bring your dishes to a new level.


Olio Nuovo


Olio Nuovo is the freshest version of olive oil. In fact, it means "new oil" since it is the first oil that is extracted from the press each season. It is stored for a few months before being bottled, and you can see an intense green color with soft aromas. 


The production of this extra virgin olive oil is made with artisan methods. In addition, thanks to its natural and organic origin, it is perfect with vegetables, fruits, salads, red meat, and pasta. And of course, you will also love to enjoy its countless benefits thanks to its organic nature and numerous properties.


Without a doubt, the simplicity and, at the same time, the superiority of this California EVOO is incomparable. 


If you want to preserve the flavor of your Olio Nuovo, you should keep it in a cool and dark place in your kitchen. It would be best not to keep it for a long time because its life is limited. Since it only comes out in the fall season, you should use it within 3-6 months. 


At our top-rated Olive Oil store, you will find top-quality Olio Nuovo so you can enjoy this great gift from nature that has been perfected and preserved over hundreds of years.


olio nuovo


Olive Oil Tastings Near Me 


If you are a foodie, surely you have ever attended a wine and cheese tasting. But would you like to know how to taste olive oil as a true connoisseur? You will be surprised to know that this is also a fascinating culinary experience through your senses.


Although olive oil tastings are usually carried out by a panel selected by people trained to grant certifications, you can also learn how to do it. In this way, the more tastings you do, the better your palate will be trained to know the difference between authentic and fake extra virgin olive oil.


Basically, for EVOO tastings, you can follow the same parameters or methods used when tasting a wine. More than color, you will focus on aroma and taste by holding a small spoonful in the mouth for a few seconds. The essential aspects to rate are the following:


  • Character

  • Scent

  • Taste

  • Texture

  • Color

  • After taste


If you are a chef or a restaurant owner, it may be extremely beneficial to use our olive oil tastings near me feature. And if you are a consumer, you can also benefit from tasting superior olive oils and learning how to use them in your kitchen.


olive oil tastings near me


Olive Oil Stores Near Me 


At We Olive, we are committed to providing superb culinary experiences to each of our clients and consumers. Each product in our olive oil store is made with the highest quality artisanship to ensure exquisite flavor. All thanks to the hard work that our California producers do. 


Numerous We Olive fans and long-time members of our olive oil club will never trade our authentic extra virgin olive oil for anything. No matter where you live, every product you buy at our olive oil stores will provide you with the satisfaction that only premium organic products can ensure. You can be sure that you will receive an exceptional product that comes directly from the field to the door of your house and your kitchen.


If you want to experience the taste and quality of the best extra virgin olive oil, we invite you to shop now at this online store for the nest California olive oil, balsamic vinegar, gourmet foods, gift boxes, and many other fantastic products to delight your palate and your family. 


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WE OLIVE has a passion for Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Of course, with passion comes a dedication to selling only the best products, and for us, this means having the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) certified EVOO. Because of this certification, we can guarantee the origin, processing, and quality of each olive oil we sell.


When you shop at the We Olive online olive oil store, you can rest assured you will receive only certified, first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil! Besides, you are supporting the local artisan-made extra virgin olive oil producers in California. The unique weather and terrain in this part of the US create ideal conditions only comparable to the Mediterranean region. Thus, we can enjoy the extraordinary flavor and health benefits that can only come from Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! EVOO - olive oil at its finest.


EVOO: What is it, and what makes it special


Did you know that EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil? It is a common term used among consumers of this fantastic product. In ancient times, these acronyms were only used in the professional sector of olive oil production. However, thanks to its distribution and expansion to several countries, it is also a popular term used in the commercial world as an emblem of extra virgin olive oil.


These four acronyms distinguish the quality standard that exists among olive oils. It is essential to know that there are different types of olive oil, including extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, olive pomace oil, lampante olive oil, among others.


The difference between one and the other lies in essential aspects such as the quality and type of olive, preparation, level of acidity, type of harvest, and extraction process. Each of these aspects has an essential influence on the taste, smell, and properties of the best extra virgin olive oil.


EVOO is distinguished by having excellent quality. Being processed in an artisanal way, it maintains a maximum level of acidity of 0.8%, which makes it ideal for food consumption. Therefore, the term "extra virgin" guarantees that it is a product free of defects, with an impeccable flavor and aroma.


The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the best Olive Store


Enhancing the flavors of a rich salad, marinating food, or cooking in the oven are some of the most common uses of olive oil in the kitchen. If you are a lover of good recipes, you will surely know that a quality extra virgin olive oil is not the same as one that is not.


A quality EVOO is a true gift for your senses as they are distinguished by providing the palate with an explosion of subtle and intense flavors that enhance the prominence of some ingredients. Depending on the variety of olives and the region, these can be flavored with fruity, herbaceous, tropical, or even almondy notes.


However, it is also proven that EVOO is an excellent ally in maintaining a healthy body and mind. In fact, in the Mediterranean and Europe, families consume it for special dishes and as part of their regular diet. For this reason, the Mediterranean diet has recently been promoted, which basically seeks to encourage the daily consumption of fresher and healthier foods.


Do you want to enjoy the experience of trying the best selection of EVOO? In our online olive oil store, you can find some of these fantastic products:


• Extra Virgin Olive Oil Calivirgin

• EVOO Fandango Fiesta

• Elegant Fandango EVOO

• EVOO Bondolio Sicilian Blend

• Picual Olive EVOO

• Organic Koroneiki EVOO

• Arbequina Blend EVOO


What quality EVOO stand out?


All over the world, there are official bodies that grant certifications for the best olive oils. For its certification, the olive oils of each harvest are subjected to evaluations in the hands of expert tasters. If the olive oil meets the high standards to be classified as "extra virgin", official certification is granted, as is the case with our EVOO, which has the distinguished California COOC certification.


Thanks to this fact, it is very easy to find certified olive oil in our olive oil stores near me. However, it will also be helpful for you to know some other aspects that characterize the best oil, such as color and flavor. In addition, there are elements indicated on the labels that will allow you to make a more precise choice:


  • Harvest date. Generally, olive oils contain the harvest date on the label. It is recommended that it does not exceed more than one year, so you will know how fresh the product is.

  • Degree of acidity. It must be less than 0.8%. That indicates the amount of free fatty acids in the product, so the lower the degree of acidity, the better for our health.

  • Processing. Extra virgin oils are only processed mechanically or by hand. Those that indicate on their label that they have gone through an industrial or refined process are considered to be of lower quality.


Why choose our EVOO


It happened to you in front of the supermarket shelf, and you see so many olive oil options that you don't know which one to choose. And it is confusing advertising and marketing can be confusing. However, We Olive has become the best option for those seeking to consume the best.


These are just 15 reasons why more and more people choose our EVOO:


  1. Because EVOO contributes to better health

  2. Because our EVOO stores are easy to find

  3. Because if you wish, we will send your EVOO to your door

  4. Because we offer you fresh EVOO from recent harvests

  5. Because our EVOO is ideal for highlighting your favorite dishes

  6. Because we have an excellent EVOO conservation and management protocol

  7. Because we have an EVOO at affordable prices without sacrificing quality

  8. Because we have one of the best certifications in EVOO

  9. Because our EVOO craft process is impeccable

  10. Because you can give away personalized EVOO bottles

  11. Because we offer you a select collection of EVOO products

  12. Because our EVOO delivery service is punctual and reliable

  13. Because we design custom baskets for EVOO lovers

  14. Because our processing and labeling is transparent and honest

  15. Because we have acquired and maintained a good reputation for quality


EVOO: a product that should not be missing in your home


At We Olive, we know that you are looking for the best for your family and your health, and we firmly believe that each consumer deserves to acquire the best of the crops. For this reason, year after year, we take care of our processes, improve, and innovate to offer you only the best quality products.


The goal of our company is to offer products that promote better health and quality of life. But at the same time, we want that in each kitchen, there are flavors that allow you to enjoy your food and that accompany the good times at the table. Find out how one product can make a big difference.


If you still don't know our products, we invite you to try our top-quality EVOO; surely you won't regret it! If you want more information or contact us, you can write to us today at or call 805 238 2900. We will gladly answer your call.


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EVOO Product Description


Our EVOO is made from the finest organic olives grown in California. The olives are carefully handpicked and cold-pressed to ensure the highest quality and purity. Our EVOO has a rich, fruity flavor with a peppery finish, making it perfect for drizzling over salads, dipping bread, or cooking your favorite dishes.


- Organic and non-GMO
- Cold-pressed for maximum flavor and purity
- Rich, fruity flavor with a peppery finish
- High in healthy monounsaturated fats


- Enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes with our premium EVOO
- Enjoy the health benefits of a high-quality, organic oil
- Use it for cooking, dipping, or drizzling over salads
- Support sustainable and ethical farming practices in California


 top-rated EVOO