Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Truly Liquid Gold

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 18th Jun 2021

Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Few products have kept their process of harvesting and production through ages like olive oil. Besides, unlike many fruit trees, olive trees can have a life of more than one thousand years. Each olive contains liquid gold that is a delight to our palates and a tremendous boost to our health. However, its precious golden liquid has given rise to a shady market that has tried -and unfortunately, succeeded- to make a profit from selling poor quality or even found olive oil. Therefore, in this article, we will help you find out the process that creates true extra virgin olive oil so you can buy EVOO that is both authentic and fresh.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The origin of the word olive tells us much about its meaning and process. In Spanish, the word for oil is "aceite," which comes originally from the word "azzáyt," which means juice of the olive in Arabic. Hence, olive oil is precisely that: fresh, unadulterated juice from olives. Moreover, just as when you buy EVOO from WE OLIVE, olives are hand-picked with extreme care to proceed to the oil extraction. However, for it to remain an extra virgin, both the extraction and the pressing process
are done with exceptional care and precision, so no chemicals and heat affect its essence.

Additionally, when you buy EVOO from WE OLIVE, you can be sure it comes from local producers in California who adhere to the early harvest method. Does that make any difference? Indeed it does! Unlike fruit that needs to ripen to provide optimal nutrients, olives harvested early in the year might be harder to press for oil, but they contain the highest amount of nutrients. In fact, the earlier the harvest, the more concentration of Polyphenol that olives will contain, which provides extraordinary health benefits. Plus, it will have a strong, distinctive flavor equivalent to higher quality.

Location of Harvesting and Production Matters

As we all know, it's better to consume fresh fruit juice as soon as it's extracted. Similarly, you will enjoy its fantastic benefits when you buy EVOO if it has been recently harvested. In fact, experts say that extra virgin olive oil is better to be consumed within one year. Thus, when extra virgin olive oil comes from local California producers, it reduces the time that is transported from fields, to the store and to your pantry.

The rule of thumb for authentic extra virgin olive oil is "if it comes from the olive to the press and from the press to your plates."

There is another significant advantage of getting extra virgin olive oil from California olives. Olive trees thrive at places with similar climates and soils as the Mediterranean region. Thus, California is perfect for providing such conditions as it has long dry summers and mild winters. As a result, our local producers hand-pick the olives in a wide variety, about 350 types. Indeed, they are extraordinary craftsmen and women who are also stewards of olive trees that go on to live for several generations.

We can confidently say that:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil found a new home in California.

At WE OLIVE , it's our privilege to support and work together with these producers to offer our customers an endless variety of flavors that enrich our every meal. Certainly, you will find delight in experiencing flavors that go from buttery to bold and range from subtle to intense.

WE OLIVE Is Extra Virgin Certified by California Olive Oil Council

Currently, the United States is the world's third-largest consumer of olive oil. However, local government agencies have no laws or requirements to ensure that the brands with extra virgin olive oil labels are, in fact, authentic. Moreover, a recent report and research broadcasted at 60 Minutes showed that as much as 70% of olive oil sold in the US is likely a fake.

Fortunately, the California Olive Oil Council provides consumers the guarantee that the EVOO they are consuming with their certificate follows a rigorous process for every harvest and process. For example, they perform a chemical analysis that tests criteria for EVOO, including acidity levels. Additionally, a panel of top-of-the-world olive oil experts tastes its authenticity to provide the extra virgin olive oil certificate.

Therefore, when you see the COOC seal, you can rest assured that you are, in fact, getting unadulterated extra virgin olive oil produced by the local California producers. Hence, all of them have followed all the requirements and ancient processes as stated earlier in this article. As a result, we are proud to have all our extra virgin olive oils certified by the California Olive Oil Council at WE OLIVE.

How to shop for authentic EVOO and store it at home

Clearly, when you are going to buy EVOO and see the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) seal, it is a guarantee for the reasons mentioned above. But what else can you do to ensure you are buying authentic EVOO? Another factor contributing to the freshness of olive oil is light. Thus, a bottle containing genuine olive oil will be dark. Hence, if you see a brand selling "extra virgin olive oil" in a clear bottle, the odds are it is not really authentic, and if in the case it were, such a presentation doesn't ensure that olive oil will keep its remarkable natural properties.

Furthermore, once you have bought authentic extra virgin olive oil such as WE OLIVE, it's crucial that you minimize its exposure to heat, air, and light. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the fact that EVOO should not be kept close to your stove. Besides, it's highly recommended to consume it all within six months after opening an EVOO bottle. If you follow these tips and recommendations, you will have the confidence that you are truly enjoying its outstanding health benefits and exceptional flavor . Indeed, you will experience the joy of Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the True Liquid Gold.

Shop today to enjoy the full experience of EVOO through WE OLIVE olive oil store!