Olive and Fig

Olive and fig 

Ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece used extra virgin olive oil for numerous reasons, including as a natural remedy. Cleopatra was one of the first to discover EVOO's extraordinary cosmetic uses. Nowadays, it's no secret that the combination of olive and fig is a healthy staple for the skin and body. Surely, you have used these ingredients in different recipes, but can they really benefit your skin's health and appearance? Does it prevent chronic diseases?


Thorough research shows that precious certified extra virgin olive oil can reduce the signs of aging and the risk of developing various chronic diseases. Moreover, combining olives and figs has been found to be a fabulous blend for nourishing the skin and protecting our overall health. Please continue reading to find out what aspects this combination can contribute to improving how you look and feel and your wellness inside and out.


Olives and figs


Olive and fig: Why you should consume this extraordinary blend regularly


A good combination of olives and figs prevents numerous diseases thanks to its great antioxidants and ability to improve your immune system. Here are a few reasons why people use this fantastic mix:


  • The combination of olive and fig is highly alkaline. This helps to better balance blood acidity levels and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.
  • They contain copper and vitamin B6. Olive and fig favor the brain's health and the organism's metabolism.
  • Carotenoids and vitamin A. Olives and figs contain these potent ingredients, making them perfect for a healthy vision.
  • Minerals. EVOO and figs contain minerals such as magnesium and vitamins C and E, excellent allies for beautiful and healthy hair.
  • High content of healthy fiber. The combination of olives and figs is ideal for eliminating excess weight and relieving constipation, especially in pregnant women.
  • They regulate blood pressure as well as other essential bodily functions. Omegas 3 and 6 help balance and maintain blood pressure.
  • It prevents and fights anemia. Another of the characteristics of EVOO and fig is its high iron content, an essential component to combat anemia since it can stabilize hemoglobin levels in the blood.
  • It protects your heart. EVOO experts and researchers confirm that certified olive oil is one of the healthiest fats because it contains oleic acid, an essential nutrient in preventing cardiovascular diseases and ensuring a healthy heart.


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6 top features of olive and fig to make your skin look radiant


  1. Skin protection against environmental hazards

Due to their high mineral content, olives and figs are incredibly valuable for improving acne and repairing our skin. In itself, the antioxidant properties of the olive tree make it an incredible protector of skin cells. Some also use the combination of olive and pepper to reduce the risks of damage from environmental factors, prevent wrinkles and expression lines and soothe irritations or red spots.


  1. It moisturizes and increases hydration

The blend of olive and fig allows your skin to be perfectly hydrated by reducing water loss. In turn, this hydration increases the skin's water content, improving its health and appearance. Likewise, it restores the flexibility of your skin and heals chapped and dry lips. So, simply apply authentic extra virgin olive oil directly to the affected area, and you will see immediate extraordinary results.


  1. For rinsing and deep cleansing

Fig has vitamin C and helps to even out the skin tone. Now imagine what the fig can achieve with the EVOO together! Use certified olive oil as a facial mask twice a week for more luminous skin. In addition, it is an excellent cleanser due to its moisturizing power and acts as a skin conditioner in the most sensitive areas, such as the eyes.


  1. It prevents premature aging

Just as olives and figs contain nutrients that help the dermal layer of the skin to become smoother, olive oil and lemon can also help you enjoy a smoother skin face. Likewise, it can reduce the skin's oxidative stress thanks to its vitamins that help prevent premature aging. Simply leave EVOO on for about 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water, and you will see that your skin feels smoother immediately.


  1. It can exfoliate and act as a makeup remover

Not all exfoliants help your skin, but olive and fig oil can remove dead skin cells and dirt without harm. For example, a great pre-cleansing step to remove eye makeup, mascara, or eyeliner is to exfoliate your skin right after applying makeup so you can cleanse your skin to avoid rashes or pimples. Using cotton impregnated with this combination is recommended to eliminate the impurities of the most resistant products. It is undoubtedly an amazingly effective and complete tool in your beauty kit.


  1. It heals wounds.

The anti-inflammatory ingredients found in extra virgin olive oil may aid wound healing and combined with fig, may help cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition, thereby enhancing scar repair.


Olive oil and lemon



Extra virgin olive oil EVOO


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The combination of olive and fig is an extraordinary gift of nature, so it should never be missing in your home. Clearly, EVOO not only helps make delicious dishes but also helps to recover the smooth appearance of your skin and prevents chronic diseases. So, shop now and start enjoying all its extraordinary benefits for your well-being!


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