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At We Olive, we are passionate about the art of preparing gourmet foods by hand with selected ingredients. Choose from our incredible variety: olives, tapenades, nuts, spices, seasonings, dipping oils, and mustards, everything you need to create dream gourmet dishes every day. Of course, all of those foods are a perfect companion to our EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (including flavored olive oil and flavored balsamic vinegar)


We olive is much more than an olive oil store; it is an authentic lifestyle based on two key concepts: quality and creativity. We could talk more about that, but it would be better if you find out for yourself, search for olive oil stores near me, visit our tasting rooms and enjoy a gastronomic experience that will awaken all your senses!


What are gourmet foods?


What do you imagine when you hear the word "gourmet"? Some people associate it with expensive and higher-quality products. Although this word of French origin is used to describe those dishes of progressive elaboration, the truth is that for a product to be considered gourmet, it must have some specific characteristics, such as the following:


  • Be made with exquisitely selected ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Possess organoleptic properties
  • Comply with the highest safety and hygiene standards.


However, gourmet foods are not necessarily the most expensive and exclusive, but those that come from a respectable production or harvest are made only by haute cuisine professionals.


What are the gourmet foods that We Olive has for you?


Paso almonds – almond chips


Are you ready to discover one of the essentials of confectionery? You only need 4 tablespoons of chopped almonds, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 2 of extra virgin olive oil. In a frying pan over low heat, add the oil and almonds until they become toasted. Then integrate and let the sugar melt. Continue mixing until the almonds are completely caramelized, and that's it!


Paso almonds are an ideal topping to decorate your ice creams, cakes, and even salads. They will give them a sweet and crunchy texture at the same time. Once you try them, you will not be able to stop accompanying your desserts with this gastronomic delight!


Paso Almonds | Gourmet Food Gifts


Truffle Mayonnaise


The black winter truffle is our main protagonist in this artisan recipe, accompanied by its main ingredients: sunflower oil and organic eggs. The result is an exquisite combination that will take your dishes to a higher level.


For lovers of gourmet foods, truffle mayonnaise is an ideal delicacy to accompany potatoes. Thanks to its delicate and intense aroma, it is perfect for hamburgers and sandwiches of whatever you fancy: roast beef, turkey, and even vegetables.


                                           Truff Mayo | Gourmet Food Gifts     Spicy Truff Mayo | Olive Oil Store Near Me


We Olive Parmesan Asiago Dip


This delicious, unique sauce made with parmesan cheese, asiago cheese, and authentic California olive oil will suck your fingers. Our favorite way to savor it is in crackers, but you can also use it as a topping for your raw or roasted veggies.


Also, it goes very well with bread. Next time spread Asiago parmesan sauce on French bread and let it roast until melted. You won't be able to resist its delicious taste!


Parmesan Asiago | Gourmet Foods | Olive Oil Store


Gourmet Olives


Originally from Greece and Asia Minor, the olive tree is one of the most appreciated plants of ancient times. Thanks to the peculiar but delicious flavor and its high content of iron, omega 3 and 6, and vitamins, it began to be marketed at the end of the 19th century. Since then, it has spread to all continents, and in fact, the United States. is one of the primary producers in America.


At We Olive, we bring exclusively for you delicious gourmet olives cured in brine. This mixture of salt and water gives them a rich flavor preserving all their nutrients. With our hand-stuffed gourmet olives, preparing any culinary recipe will be a pleasure, just choose your favorite flavors and let your imagination run wild:


  • Gourmet green olives
  • Garlic Stuffed Olives with Jalapeno
  • Cheese stuffed olives: there are blue cheese, feta, or Jack pepper
  • Lemon stuffed olives
  • Dried tomato stuffed olives


Gourmet Olives Gift Basket | EVOO | Gifts for Olive Oil Lovers


Bacon Jam


Bacon jam? It may sound crazy, but wow, it tastes fantastic! It is a bittersweet smoked sauce that will conquer your palate. You will be surprised to know that to enjoy it. You only need garlic, onion, piloncillo, coffee, aged balsamic vinegar, and of course, bacon.


Add this irresistible condiment to anything you like: eggs, chicken, burgers, shrimp, and even meatloaf. Or you can get all of these ingredients in one jar at your nearest olive store. If you don't have a recipe yet, just serve and accompany it with bread or crackers while you enjoy your favorite series.


Bacon Jam | Smoked Pepper Bacon Jam | Olive and Pepper


Black Olive Tapenade


With French roots, this fabulous recipe will transport you directly to the Mediterranean cuisine you crave so much in summer. Combine the black olive tapenade with your grilled pasta, meat, or fish, and transform your afternoon snack into an elegant dinner.


Black Olive Tapenade | Gifts for Olive Oil Lovers   Gourmet Olive Medley Tapenade | Olive Oil Stores


We Olive Artichoke Caper Tapenade


When it comes to appetizers, nothing is more practical and healthier than some good toast and with artichoke caper tapenade. For a healthier snack, chop up carrot sticks, celery sticks, or any other firm veggie you can dip in and enjoy.


 Artichoke Caper Tapenade | Gourmet Foods


Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil & Pasta Toss


Once again, the natural prevails over the artificial in this exclusive blend of California EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and gourmet roasted garlic. Due to its extreme versatility, it can be used in any recipe without any limitation other than the imagination and skill of the chef.


Whether you're a vegetarian or meat and pasta lover, you can marinate chicken, steak, or your favorite meat before grilling to add a hint of sweet and savory garlic or spice up your vegetables instantly, and your health will thank you.


Garlic Dipping Oil | EVOO | Garlic Olive Oil


Ghost Pepper Sea Salt


Are you a fan of spicy food? Then Ghost Pepper Sea Salt is for you. Infuse your main dishes, sauces, and side dishes with a touch of the intense heat of this ingredient. Be careful, as the ghost pepper is one of the world's hottest peppers.


Ghost Pepper Sea Salt | Olive and Pepper


Delight your Palate with Gourmet Foods Every Day


  • Breakfast. An idea for a delicious, simple, and nutritious breakfast is the artichoke and caper tapenade sandwiches with olives or the bacon jam sandwiches with smoked peppers. Oh, and if you prefer meat or vegetables, don't forget to spread truffle mayonnaise; you'll love it!


  • Food. Delight your palate with gourmet olives stuffed with what you like the most, or incorporate them into your salads, paellas, or recipes for tuna, chicken, fish, pizza, and countless dishes. For a memorable touch to your meal, combine sweet balsamic mustard with real EVOO and balsamic vinegar for a luscious meat marinade.


  • Dinner. For a quick and tasty dinner, simply pour some pasta mix and roasted garlic olive oil over your favorite pasta, and add whatever you have on hand: cherry tomatoes, mushrooms or chopped chives, even chicken. And voila, your dinner will be a success.


  • Appetizers. Sprinkle Ghost Pepper Sea Salt on popcorn or chips for a spicy snack. Also, it is great on caramel sauce over a fruit cocktail, ice cream, or coffee.


Fortunately, you don't have to be a professional chef to enjoy delicious gourmet food every day. You just need top-quality ingredients, a little imagination, and a great desire to try new things.


You don't have to worry about the ingredients. We Olive has it all under control. Whether you want to pamper yourself or delight the palate of family and friends, we have all the gourmet foods you need to transform breakfast, lunch, or dinner into an elegant banquet.


Remember that We Olive is where you will find top-quality handmade gourmet products at an excellent price. Find out now, enter our online store, choose your favorite gourmet foods and add them to your cart. If you have questions, suggestions, or requests about this or other products, do not hesitate to call us at 805 238 2900 or email us at


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