We Olive Ghost Pepper Sea Salt


Add some spice to your meals with the best Ghost Pepper Sea Salt. If you love spicy food, then just a pinch of this sea salt with ghost pepper to any recipe adds so much flavor and adds a lot of heat.  Careful with this one, it packs a punch!

There are so many uses for We Olive Ghost Pepper Sea Salt!

Ghost Pepper Salt uses include:

  • Add a pinch of ghost pepper sea salt to your favorite chicken, fish, pork or steak marinade or recipe
  • Sprinkle just a touch on popcorn for a spicy snack
  • Add some to your scrambled eggs or your favorite omelet recipe
  • Try a little on pizza or pasta
  • Spice up your favorite chili recipe
  • Spice up your potatoes
  • Spicy vegetable recipes

What do you use your ghost pepper salt for?



Ingredients:  Sea salt, ghost chili pepper.

4.2 oz (113.4g)


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