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Looking for a stylish, useful, and affordable gift? If you want to impress or leave a mark through a gift you cannot take it lightly. A gift can speak loudly about you and how much you care about a person or a special date. But is it possible to find all that in just one gift? Yes. Discover why both wine gifts and olive oil gifts are one of the best gifts you can give.


What Does  Wine Gift Include?


Just as tastings of Californian olive oil can show you the variety of types, bouquets, and aromas that olive oil can offer, wine tastings can also help you identify the variety and characteristics of different wines. If you can experience this adventure, we recommend that you do not miss it as it will give you a clearer picture of what to give depending on the occasion and the preferences of your loved one. Others, on the other hand, may be familiar with different types of wine and already know what wine they are looking for.


But if you are not a wine connoisseur and have some doubts about what types of wine gifts you can choose, then we can give you some basic pointers. Keep in mind that wines are classified based on their age or aging time, their color (which can range from white to red and even dark violet), their type of grape, and their elaboration process. These are some of the characteristics of the main wines that you can find in the market:


Red wine


Red wine is made with red grapes, with some popular varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Aglianico, and Bordeaux blend, among others. The alcohol fermentation is conducted with the must and skins of the grapes, resulting in a dark color. Like aged balsamic vinegar, the color of this wine can be intensified based on the maceration time that the process takes. Generally, when you buy it, the label will tell you the type of grape from which it was extracted.


White wine


And what about light-colored wines? This wine is usually made with white grapes, and in some cases also red, but without the skin of the fruit. Some of the most common types of grapes for this wine are Airén, Albariño, Verdejo, and Godello. The color usually varies according to the aging time, with pale or yellow indicating that they are younger, while those with a golden hue are of a more extended reserve.




This type of wine is also made from red grapes, or in some cases, it is a mixture of red grapes with white grapes. However, the difference lies in the type and time of processing. This is a type of red wine but with little maceration. If the maceration time is short, the wine acquires a pale pink tone, but if the maceration time is longer, the result is a more intense violet wine.


Sparkling wine


Is the foamy sensation a product of an artificial ingredient? Although it contains carbon dioxide, you may be surprised to learn that it is the result of a natural process. This is thanks to the fact that this selection of wine goes through a second fermentation that takes place in closed tanks that prevent carbon dioxide from being released and dissolving in the liquid. Usually, this is a traditional method of artisanal form in which grapes such as Macabeo, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Parellada, to name a few, are used.


5 benefits of giving a wine gift


  1. A healthy heart. Like extra virgin olive oil, wine contains high concentrations of polyphenols and vitamin E. This property allows the blood vessels to remain clean and, therefore, decreases the chances of suffering a cardiovascular accident.
  2. Prevents cholesterol. We all know that there is a constant struggle with bad cholesterol. Small doses of good-quality wine can help keep bad cholesterol at bay thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants. Additionally, drinking small doses of wine helps raise HDL or good cholesterol.
  3. Protect your skin. Do you know what flavonoids are? Flavonoids are a component found in wine that strengthens cells and reduces the negative effects of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.
  4. Enhances flavors. Surely you have heard that a glass of wine is ideal to accompany steaks. But do you know why? Wine sensitizes the taste buds and enhances the perception of aromas, allowing us to fully enjoy and appreciate the flavors when paired with other elements.
  5. Contribute to your happiness. From a scientific point of view, wine increases the production of endorphins, an inhibitor of some negative sensations. Therefore, when consuming wine we can experience a feeling of well-being or greater happiness.


Wine and EVOO: What do they have in common?


Both wine and extra virgin olive oil are two of the staples of all good cuisine, not only of modern times. Since ancient times, cultures have included the use of these fascinating elements in their daily lives. Such is the case with the Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by using natural products extracted from artisanal processing but that provide great benefits to those who consume it in their day-to-day life. Both have been used as natural remedies and ingredients that enhance the flavor of the best dishes.


One of the reasons why they provide great health benefits is that they are derived from fruits. The cultivation of grapes and olives involves arduous care, followed by a process of elaboration and fermentation that preserves and enhances their beneficial properties. Additionally, professional tasters can endorse their quality. Therefore, wine gifts and olive oil gifts are thoughtful gestures that will always be well received by those who value good taste and quality.


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Find out what our online items can offer you


Is it possible to buy wine gifts and other products without leaving home? Yes, of course. Through reliable platforms such as the We Olive online store, it is possible to browse products, check references, and make a safe purchase. This is a great advantage, especially for those who have a tight schedule, cannot leave home, or simply want to expedite their purchase. Our shipping services have extensive coverage both in the U.S. and abroad, including Alaska and Hawaii.


Choosing your online purchase is not only safe but also fast and straightforward. The best part is that we offer a flat rate of only $9.99! You can send gifts wherever you want or receive them in your own home in just a few days. On the other hand, those who want to visit a physical store can simply search for an “olive oil store near me" to find the nearest location.


What products could you find in our online store?

  • A variety of balsamic vinegar such as aged balsamic vinegar, white peach, blackberries, and olives, sanguine orange, among others
  • Gourmet foods such as capers and artichoke tapenade, smoked pepper bacon jam, fresh basil pesto, sake mustard with wasabi, and more
  • Gift boxes and baskets including select product collections and presentations.
  • Options to customize your bottles.
  • A special selection of gastronomy books
  • Unique accessories for your kitchen made of olive wood.
  • Gift cards to include in your shipments along with the products.
  • Exclusive Benefits of the Olive Oil Club


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We offer a variety of balsamic vinegar, such as aged balsamic vinegar, white peach, blackberries, olives, and sanguine orange, among others. Additionally, we have gourmet foods like capers and artichoke tapenade, smoked pepper bacon jam, fresh basil pesto, wasabi’s sake mustard, and more. We also have gift boxes and baskets, including select product collections and presentations, as well as options to customize your bottles. You can find a special selection of gastronomy books and unique accessories for your kitchen made of olive wood. Gift cards are also available to include in your shipments along with the products. And if you join the Olive Oil Club, you can enjoy exclusive benefits.


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What would you say is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and those around you? For many the answer is simple: always choosing products of the highest quality. Currently, artisanal, organic, and natural products are one of the best investments since they not only have a positive impact on your health, but they are also delicious, making even the simplest meals become a delight in the day-to-day.


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If you want to complement wine gifts with other select products, such as gift baskets, do not hesitate to visit our online store. You can also use our olive oil stores near me section or contact us through email at or call 805 238 2900, and we will answer any of your questions about our products, their shipment, and other ways to acquire them. Do not complicate your life and give the best gifts through our best quality products.