Olive Oil Stores Near Me




Is there any difference between buying EVOO in an olive oil store and the supermarket? What are the benefits of buying extra virgin olive oil at olive oil stores near me? These are important questions to answer, especially if you are someone who strives to make every meal an incredible culinary experience and enjoy unique health benefits. 


At We Olive, we know how important it is for you to buy high-quality organic foods and ingredients. That is why we have joined forces with extraordinary artisan producers in California. These factors are essential regardless of whether you are a housewife or husband, a foodie, a chef, a restaurant owner, or a health enthusiast.


Advantages of shopping at an olive oil store


Of course, you can find some extra virgin olive oil options in most department stores or supermarkets. However, authentic EVOO experts and connoisseurs advise shopping in specialized places.

The main reason is that most stores offer basic commercial grocery products at "low" costs to increase their profit margins. However, most of their so-called "extra virgin olive" brands are not genuine and may use a combination of other seed oils that do not adhere to high-quality standards for certified olive oil.


Therefore, please consider just 6 of the fantastic advantages of buying in olive oil stores near me:


  1. Fresher products

At We Olive, we work directly with local producers in California. Therefore, our products and processes follow the highest quality standards and conservation protocols that avoid preservatives. So, by buying directly from We Olive's olive oil stores or online shop, you can get EVOO from the fields to your kitchen.


  1. Extraordinary Variety

Our most popular product our regular consumers buy is authentic extra virgin olive oil, but we also have many other top-rated products to add fantastic flavors to your meals. For example, some of our best-selling products are balsamic vinegar, organic Meyer Lemon olive oil, fresh garlic olive oil, fresh basil olive oil, peach white balsamic vinegar, and many more gourmet foods and products. 


Additionally, an olive oil store offers you a wide range of options that adjust to your needs, tastes, and budget. For example, it is common for a supermarket to find basic sizes or limited options. Instead, in an olive oil store near me, you will find bottles of different sizes and dosage forms, unique containers, other gourmet products, and even personalized and custom-labeled bottles!


  1. Helpful information and delicious tastings

Not sure what type of EVOO or gourmet product to choose? Don't worry; we will help you find the extra virgin olive oil that suits your tastes and needs. Our vast experience in this field gives us a wide margin to know what our clients prefer and provide them with the best advice. 

Plus, our wonderful tastings allow our customers to learn about our extraordinary variety and best foods to cook them with or combine.


  1. Personal attention

Any time you visit one of our We Olive olive oil stores, you will find friendly and courteous service, since our staff is always ready to attend to the needs of our loyal and new customers. In case you decide you buy at our olive oil online store, you have the advantage of choosing when and where you want your products delivered. You can even send gifts to make delicious and memorable gifts.

Once you experience our products' taste and superior quality, you can join our California olive oil club


  1. Fair prices

We sometimes find that prices for top-quality products skyrocket in the supermarket because the product has gone through several sales and intermediary processes. In contrast, since we only work directly with producers at We Olive, we can maintain fair and affordable prices.


  1. Certified quality

How can you know that it truly is a top-quality product when buying EVOO? Several effective methods can ensure you are getting genuine extra virgin olive oil. One of them is to look at the label. For example, We Olive's EVOO products are endorsed by the FDA and certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). This seal certifies and ensures that each bottle and product is superior in taste, ingredients, and organic processes.


Where are our olive oil stores located?


Do you want to know which We Olive store is closest to you? Simply use our olive oil stores near me tool for your convenience. Also, you can search for olive oil tastings near me.


At We Olive, we strive to make each of your visits a memorable experience. That is why at our wine bar and tasting rooms, you will get to know the best artisan products from another perspective and enjoy exceptional flavors.


We currently have 10 locations:


• Claremont

• Costa Mesa

• Houston

• La Jolla

•The cats

• Pasadena

• Paso Robles

• Salt Lake City

• Bishop of San Luis

• Port of Shreve


An Olive Oil Store Just One Click Away


Are these locations far from where you live? If you don't find an olive oil store near me, worry no more. Our online store is designed to bring all our products to your doorstep, no matter where you live in the US, Alaska, and Hawaii, at a flat rate of only $9.99! 


Please discover the wide variety of exceptional products for your pantry. Have you already explored our online store?


Choosing to buy online is a comfortable and safe way to purchase quality EVOO products. You are just one click away from picking all the products you want with complete confidence that you will get a tasteful package to your doorstep in just a few days. 


What products can you find in an olive oil store?


At We Olive, we are known for offering the highest quality extra virgin olive oil products from California and other incredibly exquisite and healthy products.

• Authentic extra virgin olive oil and flavored olive oil

• Ample variety of balsamic vinegar, for example:

  • Aged balsamic vinegar

  • White peach balsamic vinegar

  • Blackberry and olive balsamic vinegar

  • Blood orange balsamic vinegar

  • And more...

Corporate gifts collection

Gourmet foods

  • Gourmet olives

  • Smoked pepper bacon jam 

  • Asiago Dip with Parmesan and Olives

  • Caper and artichoke tapenade

  • Sweet Balsamic Mustard

  • Wasabi Sake Mustard

  • Ojai jelly

  • Fresh basil pesto

  • And much more...

Gift boxes and baskets

Special selection books


  • Unique kitchen utensils in olive wood

  • T-shaped cork pouring spout

  • Dipping bowls

Custom labeled bottles

Gift cards

Exclusive Olive Oil Club


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Why shop at We Olive


Despite the increasingly competitive market for extra virgin olive oil brands, We Olive products remain among the favorites and best sellers. Why? The reason is simple, our product speaks for itself.


We have certified olive oil by the COOC, we make sure that each product meets high standards of processing and quality, our shipments are fast and safe, their handling is careful, and best of all, all our products have an exceptional flavor.


If you wonder which is the olive oil store near me on your next purchase, remember that you don't have to search any further. Order your favorite products today and make every meal an incredible culinary experience. If you have any questions about your order or have a special request, please email us at or call us at 805 238 2900, and we will be happy to provide you personal attention to your needs.