White Balsamic Vinegar

 white balsamic vinegar


White balsamic vinegar is an excellent option for those who love unique flavors in their kitchen. It is a milder version of traditional aged balsamic vinegar; it has a light, slightly sweet taste with some overtones of acidity. If you already like balsamic vinegar, we invite you to give this product an opportunity. We Olive has a wide variety of products of EVOO, flavored balsamic vinegar, and of course, white balsamic. We are confident that after tasting any of them, you will definitely add them to your pantry staples.


Like all our products at We Olive, these white balsamic vinegars are created with attention to detail and combined to bring out unique flavors in your meals. We have selected the best ingredients to add depth to your kitchen and care for your family's health.


But what is white balsamic vinegar, and how to use it in your kitchen? Let us take a closer look at this unique product.


What is white balsamic vinegar?


White vinegar starts the same way as regular balsamic vinegar: with grapes. However, making this product is somewhat different from traditional balsamic vinegar. Both types begin with white grape "must," a term that refers to crushed grapes, including skins, seeds, and stems. This "must" is pressure-cooked to prevent it from browning before it's aged. Unlike regular balsamic vinegar, white vinegar is usually aged for a shorter time.


Traditional balsamic vinegar is commonly aged in containers made of wood to infuse the vinegar with a hint of wood flavor and dark color. However, the white version is often aged in stainless steel containers to prevent discoloration. Traditional balsamic vinegar is cooked at a very high temperature which contributes to the darkening process, while the white version is cooked at lower temperatures to maintain its light appearance.


White Balsamic vinegar has a lightly sweet flavor with moderate acidity, about 5.2% to about 7.0%. It adds a touch of tangy and sugary flavor to your foods. Restaurant chefs use this unique balsamic vinegar not only for its milder flavor but also because it will not turn a sauce or salad dressing brown. So, try it. You can use it for dressing roasted vegetables, deglazing a pan of crispy chicken thigh bits, or any balsamic vinaigrette recipe. It can be used in salad dressing, marinades, sweet dishes, and many more delicious recipes. Don't know where to start? At We Olive, we have developed several combinations with this production that you will love.


White Balsamic Vinegar Options 


  • We Olive Artisan Peach White Balsamic Vinegar


We value white balsamic vinegar's delicate flavor, so we have combined it with the light taste of peach. Imagine this slightly sweet flavor with a soft touch of fruit. The aroma of this product will give your food a special touch. Plus, who does not like the delicate taste of peaches? This product will give your dishes a deep, rich look and slightly sweet taste.


How to use it: Go for a unique twist by adding some of it on top of ice cream or plain yogurt. You can also use it as a glaze on pork or turkey. Use it on your favorite salad, seasonal fruits, chicken, or fish. You can drizzle it over some grilled shrimp or chicken skewers. Or prepare a refreshing drink by adding a little sparkling water or your favorite iced tea.


peach white balsamic vinegar


  • We Olive D'anjou Pear White Balsamic Vinegar


D'Anjou Pears are known to have a juicy sweet flavor that melts in your mouth as you chew them. That is why some people know them as the "buttery pears." Imagine this sweet buttery flavor combined with the slight acidity of white balsamic vinegar. The result is a slightly sweet buttery profile. That is the flavor you will enjoy when you try this unique D'Anjou Pears White Balsamic Vinegar.


How to use it: You should try it with your tangy soda or explore some combinations with cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. Try drizzling it over blue cheese for a quick appetizer or use it as a marinade for pork or salmon. You can also drizzle it on fruits, dressings, or marinades.


Pear white balsamic vinegar


  • We Olive Sriracha Lime White Balsamic Vinegar

At We Olive, we also think of our clients who like a little spice in their meals. This product combines white vinegar with spicy sriracha and a touch of lemon. As a result, we obtained a combination that brings out different flavors in your mouth and will add layers of aromas to your food. And, of course, it will make your taste buds ring, and you may sweat just a little bit!


How to use it: Are you preparing curry or ceviche? Well, add some of this product to give it an extra twist. Toss brussels sprouts or snap peas in this before roasting them. And, of course, you can add it to your tacos or pico de gallo.


Siracha lime white balsamic vinegar


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