California Olive Oil



At We Olive, we are proud to be a top-rated California olive oil brand. Our customers have experienced its remarkable taste and health benefits. Would you like to enjoy authentic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality? Read on to learn more about the outstanding selection we have created for you.


What makes We Olive stand out?   


Did you know that over 95% of the olive oil produced in the US comes from California? This beautiful state has an ideal climate and environment that allows different olive trees to thrive as they do in the Mediterranean region. Thus, you can experience the exquisite flavor that makes California olive oil the best option for you.


On the other hand, at least 75 different varieties of olives can currently be harvested, allowing for a fantastic wide range of unique flavors. At We Olive, we are experts in producing Arbequina olive oil, Koroneiki olive oil, and Picual EVOO. Our customers love our product because we ensure that it meets first-rate quality standards and with artisan producers in California.


Certified olive oil makes the difference


Is there any way to know that the extra virgin olive oil you consume is authentic and of quality? Yes! Certification programs and institutions have been created worldwide focused on regulating and creating reliable protocols to certified olive oil     —one of them is provided by the California Olive Oil Council, also known as COOC.


Among the functions conducted by the COOC is subjecting olive oil products and brands to different methods and tests that allow the degree of "extra virgin" to be verified and to ensure that during its production, it has not been subjected to chemical additives, intense heat, or have mixed with other seed oils.    


Only those that meet these superior levels receive the COOC seal. We Olive is one of them. Our certified olive oil provides producers and consumers with confidence, security, and distinction in each bottle they buy. Therefore, those who have tried it become regular consumers and wish they had known it before.




Reasons why our EVOO is your best option


For many decades, Europe and the Mediterranean region stood out as the pioneers and primary producers of olive oil. But does that mean other EVOO brands are not as good? Currently, California olive oil producers have reached equally demanding qualities and standards that allow them to be equally excellent as the best internationally renowned brands.      

Here are five advantages of California olive oil that we have for you:


•          Quality


Rancid oils, exposed to the sun, with misleading labels or flavor defects, are common problems that some olive oil consumers encounter, making searching for a quality product a real challenge. The difference between buying in supermarkets and in our olive oil store is that you will be confident that your oil is of top quality since a COOC certification seal endorses it.


•          Flavor


We have genuine extra virgin olive oil products that meet the necessary degree of acidity to provide a delicious flavor to each of your recipes—some varieties of green olives or black olives that have unique attributes on the palate. Our EVO's quality and freshness mean that the flavor notes are authentic.


•         Accessibility


At We Olive, we have olive oil stores specialized in organic, fresh, and natural products, to which you can go with the confidence that each product has the best standards of care. And through our online store, you will be able to order the best extra virgin olive oil and other products from the olive fields to your doorstep. Use our olive oils store near me tool to find the closest location to you.


•       Proper handling


     EVOO must be treated properly from the product's cultivation, production, bottling, and conservation on the shelf. The reason? When exposed to heat, sunlight, and other external elements inappropriately, it can affect both its flavor and its health properties. So, with us, you can be confident that the product you consume has been subjected to proper handling and best quality control processes.


•          Price


Today, enjoying great food and staying healthy doesn't have to be costly. We know how important it is that more and more people have access to products in their lifestyle that contribute positively to their lives. Therefore, we have prices that are adjusted in quality and cost so that you can enjoy certified olive oil.


Certified Olive Oil Choices



Does We Olive only sell traditional extra virgin olive oil? No. Although we know that the classics never fail in flavor, we also offer you unique and truly fantastic options so that you can give your meals variety and a new touch. You can find new alternatives to pamper your family in our olive oil store.

These are just 4 of the many other products you will find:


     Arbequina Olive Oil


In California, there are large crops of Arbequina olives, a type of green olive that provides a mild to medium flavor intensity. This variety has gained strength in the market because it is incredibly adaptable to all kinds of uses.


     EVOO Fandango Fiesta


This green olive oil with almond and tropical notes has a unique flavor. It is ideal for use on special occasions as your guests will enjoy a pleasant surprise on the palate.


     We Olive Picual EVOO


It is a versatile EVOO that can be combined with different types of meat or vegetables. It is ideal for daily use as it has a smooth consistency and notes full of strength in its flavor. It is extracted from ripe black olives, which gives them a rich herbal aroma.


     Calivirgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil


If you are looking for an oil with soft fruity notes, you will love this product. It is extracted from Koroneiki and Arbequina olives grown with careful organic processes. Many prefer it as a staple in their pantry due to its fresh, pleasant, and mild flavor.


               arbequina olive oil.jpg   picual-79886.1646950813.jpg   koroneiki-03774.1637221216.jpg


Importance of extra virgin olive oil in your life


Do you already know the extraordinary benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil? More and more consumers of our product experience the advantages of consuming high-quality oil for themselves. Discover at least 10 advantages of California olive oil:


1. Enhances the flavor of your meals    

2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular conditions    

3. Raises good cholesterol levels

4. Prevents diabetes

5. Improves digestion

6. Reduces hypertension

7. Allows for a healthier skin

8. Contributes to a healthy diet for various health benefits

9. Facilitates the absorption of bioactive compounds

10. Avoids constipation


The best California Olive Oil


Unquestionably, extra virgin olive oil is a unique ingredient that must exist in every kitchen in the world. But is it food that only awakens pleasant sensations on the palate? No, EVOO is also essential for keeping our immune system strong and healthy.


What more is there to say? Start enjoying our top-rated California olive oil and give your health an incredible boost! So, shop now and choose the best! If you wish, you can contact us at or 805 238 2900 if you have questions about your order or need more information.