Fire Up The Grill Gift Box


The perfect grilling gift box for your favorite griller!  We've packed this gift box with our favorite grilling products. The gift includes a card with your personal message. We do not include pricing with any of our orders so rest assured that the price paid will not be included in the package.



We Olive Garlic Olive Oil (12.75 fl ounces)

We Olive Smoked Pepper Bacon Jam - Your new favorite on ribs!

We Olive Garlic & Parsley Sea Salt

The Smoked Olive Smoked Olive Oil (250 ml)

The Smoked Olive Smoked Brown Sugar - Try it on grilled salmon, pork or chicken.

 Paso Almonds Almond Brittle 5 oz)

Packaged in a gift box

*Wooden accessories not included

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