We Olive Aged Balsamic Vinegar

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This thick, tangy, and sweet Aged Balsamic Vinegar is sure to add flavor to any dish.  Aged using the traditional process in Modena, Italy, our Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar will quickly become a staple in your home.


Some of our favorite combinations:

Pair this Aged Balsamic Vinegar with one of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils for a bread dipping oil delight.  Find out more about our Extra Virgin Olive Oils by clicking here.  Marinate a juicy steak with Aged Balsamic Vinegar and We Olive's Fresh Garlic Olive Oil.  Find the recipe here.  Use the Aged Balsamic Vinegar with We Olive's Meyer Lemon Olive Oil on your favorite salad, seasonal vegetables, chicken or fish.   Always a customer favorite combination!


Other suggested uses:

Drizzle this balsamic vinegar over soft cheeses like chevre or burrata for a quick, fresh appetizer.  Reduce over low heat and pour on grilled figs for a delicious dessert topping.  More Aged Balsamic Vinegar Recipe Ideas.


 See How To Make Stuffed Peppadews in our video below!


Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 1 tbsp (15mL, ½ oz.) Amount Per Serving: Calories 10 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0g Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 0mg Total Carbohydrate 3g Protein 0g

Ingredients: Wine vinegar, grape must, caramel color. Contains sulfites. Acidity 6%

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