Fantastic Properties of EVOO for a Radiant Skin

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 27th Jun 2022

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Fantastic Properties of EVOO for a Radiant Skin

Are you a lover of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in your kitchen? You may be surprised to know that Cleopatra was known for her beauty practices in ancient Egypt. She used it frequently during her bath to clean pores, prevent wrinkles, and give her hair a natural shine. And it is that EVOO is not only an essential ingredient in the kitchen but also outside of it.

She did not want to part with it once she learned about the exceptional benefits it could bring to her beauty routine. If you want to prevent premature aging and sun damage, take a look at extra virgin olive oil properties and discover how to use it correctly.

Why should you use EVOO?

Extra virgin olive oil contributes to internal and external health; therefore, using it is a great decision. Its use has constantly gained more and more fame, explaining the various facial products based on EVOO. Although you can utilize these products, there is nothing like using them naturally since it is more effective.

Therefore, try always to have it at home since it will be an ideal companion for your dishes and skin care. We recommend you go to one of our We Olive stores to obtain an EVOO olive oil of maximum splendor.

Great benefits of extra virgin olive oil on your skin

Authentic olive oil has been a star ingredient, as it contains antioxidants and a component called scalene, which is responsible for moisturizing and exfoliating the skin. Next, we show you the main benefits that EVOO will bring you:

It perfectly nourishes and revitalizes the skin. The skin is the largest organ we have, so we must take good care of it. California olive oil contains vitamins A, D, and E and minerals that hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and shiny.

Repairs skin tissues. This exceptional extra virgin olive oil can help you recover superficial wounds and healing processes. If your skin has recently been stained by the sun, try using this EVOO on the blemishes; you will notice how they lighten naturally. In addition, it dramatically supports calming skin prone to rosacea, psoriasis, and acne.

Prevents aging and wrinkles. Thanks to the EVOO's natural fatty acids, you will be able to preserve the skin's elasticity, which will combat premature aging. Using it as a mask will reduce wrinkles around the eyes; this will help prevent free radicals damage and balance.

Natural night moisturizer. If you suffer from dehydrated skin in areas such as your elbows, knees, or feet, we recommend you massage the place with this powerful authentic olive oil, and you will observe how beautiful and smooth your skin is. You can apply it before bed to get deep hydration.

Take off your makeup. If you require a deep skin cleansing after makeup, you will not only be cleaning the skin, but you will keep your face preserved and super hydrated. To achieve this, use EVOO regularly as if it were any makeup remover; in such a short time, you will begin to notice fabulous results that will make your skin fall in love.

How can you clean your face with EVOO?

Cleaning your face with extra virgin olive oil is uncomplicated; keep in mind some helpful tips in your daily cleaning routine. Here are some:

● Apply a small amount. If your skin is oily, it is preferable to employ a minimal amount. Once you have clean hands, grab a small EVOO amount with your fingertips and take it towards your face with circular movements.

● Exfoliate your skin. To achieve that exfoliation, moisten a washcloth in warm water and let it sit on your skin while the oil remains. After a few minutes, gently remove the towel and wipe with a cotton pad. This way, you will be able to activate the EVOO on your skin.

●If you feel your skin still has some makeup left, no problem, you can repeat the above two steps a second time. This is the only way to ensure your face is perfectly free of impurities and makeup. If you are worried your face will redden, don't worry, since the green olives of the EVOO will feel impeccable to the touch.

Thanks to its fresh green olives, EVOO can provide multiple beauty benefits to almost all skin types, as it stands out for its quality and purity. Even though there is a wide variety of products, such as coconut, lavender, or avocado oil, let me tell you that the most endorsed by experts is We Olive's certified olive oil . So don't hesitate to reserve yours right away.

Choose authentic EVOO today

Now that you are conscious of all the skin benefits that EVOO can proportionate, you will surely not want to be left without yours. Start managing it in your daily facial routine and notice the tremendous results you will obtain t thanks to authentic extra olive oil.

In short, EVOO will become your favorite ally for your face and skincare. And what's more, a little of this natural ingredient will allow you to be healthy inside and out. Shop now for our artisan products made only by producers in California or look under the section Olive store near me to contact us. 

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