5 Benefits of Having Custom Labeled Bottles for Your Business or Events

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 21st Nov 2022

Custom labeled bottles

5 Benefits of Having Custom Labeled Bottles 

for Your Business or Events

It has become a trend to give custom labeled bottles to customers for an event or as a gift. It has made many companies leave a mark on their clients and employees. This in-bottle method generates publicity and gives you an edge over the competition. Therefore, if you plan to make your company stand out, this is your opportunity to create personalized labels and grow your business in a bottle of EVOO.

We understand that when planning an event in which we want to make our brand known, it can be difficult and expensive to think outside the box, but from a simple label on a bottle of EVOO or peach white balsamic vinegar , it can be striking for anyone who receives it The reason? Because when they taste the contents of the bottle, they will remember the moment or the bottle label that contains such unmatched taste.

1.Custom labeled bottles: Smart advertising

Personalized bottles are a great way to advertise your business in a unique way. It's a clever way to promote a product without having to make a significant investment in advertisements. You can put on the label a specific product or service that you want to promote with your brand. You can even design different tags and use them for different aspects of your business, such as marketing and promoting a specific service.

You can find different ways to advertise your business and associate it with balsamic vinegar or extra virgin olive oil. For example, you can customize a label where you promote and link your product to the bottle's contents, such as selling certain foods to combine with it.

Or you can simply customize your label by promoting your brand or slogan or simply saying thank you or congratulations.

2.Stand out from your competitors with custom labeled bottles:

How many companies use custom labeled bottles to advertise their brand? Without a doubt, there are not many, so by using custom olive oil bottles , you will make your company stand out from the competition, and best of all, you will be able to share the bottle with people you know and who will also get to know your work.

By choosing something unique when advertising your business, you can show professionalism and trustworthiness by making a well-designed label that will stand out from other companies similar to yours, thus creating a great impression on others. With a modern, elegant, and sober design, custom labeled bottles will be the best letter of introduction to your friends and clients.

3.Custom labeled bottles: Unique marketing

When thinking about marketing your business, everyone thinks of using social media. Sure, it's a great way to publicize and market your product. However, many companies continue to use brochures, posters, videos, and flyers. These are great tools to promote your business locally, but there is something unique and eye-catching about using a bottle of California olive oil or aged balsamic vinegar with a custom label to give away to your customers to leave an impression on people to remember for a long time.

4.Custom labeled bottles make memorable gifts

Gifts, however simple they may be, can create unique and unforgettable moments. If you plan to hold an event, celebration, or give a gift to a special person and want to offer something unique that makes someone feel special, you can give a bottle of EVOO with a unique label.

Moreover, companies give away bottles with personalized labels to say thank you when customers buy large quantities of their products. For example, certain real estate agents offer custom-labeled bottles when selling a property. This gift creates a great feeling in any situation.

Therefore, when a friend, family member, client, or partner is consuming a top-quality artisan product like California EVOO, they will remember the moment they received it.

Peach white balsamic vinegaraged balsamic vinegar

5.Easy and quick design for your custom labeled bottles

Creating personalized labels on an olive oil bottle or balsamic vinegar is extremely easy. At We Olive's online olive oil store, you will find amazing templates and ideas to create our own labels to our liking easily. Also, you can upload or create your own designs.

Remember that the highest quality ingredients and bottles are used for personalized bottles and labels. Thus, you ensure a useful and long-lasting life of that label. Whether in a hot or cold place, the label will remain intact.

Moreover, a gift in the form of a bottle will be easy to store and transport due to its size and shape. Plus, you can take advantage of We Olive's flat rate so anyone can receive this magnificent gift at their doorstep.

Why are colors on the label important?

The importance of colors on a label plays a vital role in advertising. Colors usually generate a positive or negative effect on the consumer. They can motivate and compel someone to buy a product or service when used correctly.

Therefore, selecting colors that relate to what you want to advertise on your label is essential. Over the years, different studies have been carried out on the colors used in advertising, and it has been concluded that better results are obtained in advertising campaigns if carefully selected colors are used according to the desired result. See what colors you can include on your labels to market your business.

  • Red is generally associated with food brands, with the aim of stimulating the appetite. In addition, it generates a sense of urgency or calls to action.
  • Green is a very versatile color. Sometimes it is related to passiveness. However, in positive terms, it conveys hope, and it's connected to nature, health, and cleanliness.
  • Yellow generates joy, tenderness, and kindness. This color also promotes brands that want to transmit wealth and prosperity.
  • Blue usually transmits security and serenity and generates confidence and freedom. It's frequently used in corporate business.
  • Black is used in advertising to indicate adverse feelings, contrast, and elegance. In addition, it is related to luxury, wealth, respect, and exclusivity.

personalized bottles

Create your own unique and fantastic custom label bottles today!

There are innumerable benefits of consuming EVOO and balsamic vinegar and putting them in custom labeled bottles. This is your opportunity to shop today at We Olive to make your band stand out and create a gift that is superior in taste and quality while making it incredibly memorable.

Shop now and create your custom labeled bottles here. If you have any special requests, call us today at 805-238-2900 or email us at or look us up with our olive oil store near me tool.

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