Great Gift Ideas for Foodies and Olive Oil Lovers

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 25th Nov 2022

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Great Gift Ideas for Foodies and Olive Oil Lovers

The most festive time of the year is about to begin, the last part of the year. It is a time to share, accompanied by those we love the most. It may be difficult for you to find some gift ideas, especially for lovers of cooking. If you have yet to think about a good idea, this may be the time to stop and think about the perfect gift.

Today we will give you a series of excellent options that you can give to lovers of good food. Although the ideas we will provide you below are only alternatives that will serve as a guide, you can consider them so that your gift is quality and the best of all years. Stay to find out.

Gift ideas for those who love sweets

What do you think of putting together a kit with pastry products for those who like sweet things? Currently, there are brands of chocolate decorations with a wide range of colors, flavors, textures, and shapes. These premade decorations help add a special touch to your sweet creations without compromising quality.

Decorating cakes, muffins, or cupcakes helps to inspire and bring out the artist that all sweet lovers have inside. Therefore, these gift ideas can be fabulous for friends or relatives who love confectionery since they will make designs with chocolate and lovely things.

And who doesn't like to decorate cupcakes? Well then, you already have the first gift ideas to share on these upcoming dates. We are sure this remarkable idea will exceed the expectations of sweet lovers.

Sauces to share

To share, they often don't need to be expensive products or those that are only given as a casual whim. For example, you can think of simple gift ideas that can accompany you daily at your table, such as sauces. You can find exquisite sauces with intense flavors to accompany meals at We Olive. These are some of the ones you can find on our page:

Garlic olive oil with red chili. You can drizzle this delicious oil over vegetables, the top of meat on the grill, or as a meat marinade. Also, it can be used in pasta, cold salad, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, spice up your ramen, and drizzle over shrimp.

Crispy Momofuku chili. This product contains rich ingredients because it contains three types of crispy garlic Mexican chili from common Chinese Lao Gan Ma chili. It can be used as a sauce for artisan bread, eggs, pasta, avocado, grilled vegetables, shrimp, noodles, or mixed with potatoes.

Jalapeno-flavored olive oil. If you are looking for a spicy flavor, this is made from fresh jalapenos that are crushed with olives to create a flavor that is so natural without being overpowering. Some of our favorite combinations for this type of oil are drizzling peach white balsamic vinegar over pork chops for a sweet and spicy dinner.

Also, you can use it on any meat dish for a beautiful marinade and eggs, or even add this oil to your favorite sauce to deepen its flavor notes.

garlic olive oil peach white balsamic vinegar

How about a set of extra virgin olive oil and white balsamic vinegar?

We at We Olive recommend gifts for olive oil lovers to our customers, as EVOO is the preferred fat with heart health benefits. We Olive extra virgin olive oil is a 100% handmade oil of the highest quality since our collectors cold-press it with bright green olives.

For its part, white balsamic vinegar is a perfect gift option for those who enjoy unique flavors in their kitchen because it is a milder version of the traditional aged balsamic vinegar, as its taste is slightly sweet with nuances of acidity. It is made from white grape must, that is, crushed grapes, including skin and seed. This must be cooked under pressure to prevent it from browning before aging.

Unlike regular balsamic vinegar, white balsamic vinegar generally ages for less time. It can be used to dress roasted vegetables, chicken, or any balsamic vinaigrette recipe, as well as marinades, sweet dishes, and other recipes. Both products are produced in California and are perfect for making a delicious vinaigrette on bread, hummus recipes, soups, salads, meat, fish, or marinades.

And how about wine ? Rest assured, rich wine will never be unwelcome. Some have delicate hints of black plum, and special blueberry notes that highlight vanilla, coffee, and cedar, perfect for lovers of rosé meats and mature cheeses.

Other wines have notes of red plum, blackberry, and violet that are complemented by hints of cedar provided by the French oak. This type of wine is perfect to accompany cuts of red meat, pork, lamb, and creamy cheeses. These gift ideas can be an alternative at an affordable but quality price.

Gifts from the heart

Although there are countless gift ideas that you can have to share, there are also other types of gifts that you can give from the heart. So, why don't you go to the kitchen and prepare something tasty to share with the ones you love the most? Here are some ideas of what you can do:

● Creamy mousse with mixed berries, blood  orange extra virgin olive oil , and red olive champagne vinegar

● Pasta with vegetables and jalapeno olive oil

● Grilled pork loin with balsamic vinegar, sweet balsamic mustard, and extra virgin olive oil from We Olive

● Roasted pumpkin soup with arbequina olive oil

● Shrimp and Tomato Salad with Meyer Lemon Olive Oil from We Olive

arbequina olive oil gifts for olive oil lovers

Even if you feel like you cannot use more culinary skills, give the We Olive Gourmet Delight Gift basket so your family members can enjoy their favorite snacks. This spreadable collection includes:

  1. Tapenade black olive
  2. Salty mustard with wasabi
  3. Artichoke tapenade
  4. Asiago Parmesan Dip
  5. Smoked Pepper Bacon Jam
  6. Olive Wood Dipping Bowl
  7. Olive wood spoon
  8. Organic flatbread sandwiches with olive oil and gray salt

Select your gourmet package with We Olive

Gift ideas never run out; we use them to show affection for those we love the most. Whether you want to give extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar, prepare a recipe, or buy a rich sauce, you can do so shopping now at this top-rated olive oil store.

At We Olive, we have a wide variety of artisan products and top-quality gourmet foods that will make any foodie or cooking lover happy. Find all our products by searching for an olive oil store near me, so you leave an unforgettable memory with your family or friends. Call us at 805-238-2900 or write to us at

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