Olive and Pepper—Learn How to Combine them

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 13th Feb 2023


Olive and Pepper—Learn How to Combine them

The origin of extra virgin olive oil is not a mystery. Still, it brings endless curiosities that make it even more interesting. One of them is its combination with other vegetables and spices, such as olive and pepper . All peppers have a peculiarity: they contain Capsaicin, a natural component that gives them that characteristic spicy taste.

Not all peppers have the same degree of Capsaicin, which is why not all of them are used to prepare hot sauces. Some are even often used to prepare creams and soups. Here you can learn their varieties and use them properly with your dishes, especially with high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Let us discuss the following:

● The benefits of Capsaicin

● Why olives and peppers are compatible

● How to choose and combine olives and peppers

The benefits of Capsaicin

Capsaicin is a natural component in the chili family, where sweet and hot peppers are classified. This molecule causes a burning sensation on the palate or, in less obvious cases, only slight numbness. Curiously, spicy is not considered a flavor like the rest. It is instead classified as a property since it has many more benefits. Learn more about olive oil extra virgin benefits in our blog.

Peppers contain vitamins A and C, which can be found in other vegetables or fruits. Vitamin C is known to be abundant in citrus fruits; however, all varieties of peppers also contain it.

Capsaicin also acts as an analgesic in appropriate doses. If you have ever tried some spicy, you will notice that the itching invades the taste for a while and then usually "disappears," leaving a feeling of numbness, raw garlic, wasabi, and ginger. Hence, it is even more surprising that peppers contain this substance since the previously mentioned are roots with little juice. Chili peppers, in general, usually have a fragile shell and a higher percentage of juicy pulp.

Why olives and peppers are compatible

Olives and their derivatives are the most flexible products due to their flavor and texture, and they are the most consumed worldwide. Different cultures of one extreme and another use them for their typical dishes or their commercialization already combined with other vegetables or condiments.

The reasons why this fruit is so combinable are because of its neutral flavor and texture. It is low in sodium or glucose. It has much more oilseeds than other natural products in its category, such as almonds or walnuts, which is why EVOO is extracted from them. Still, in addition to that, it has more antioxidants than many other seeds.

Olives  are lower in starches than potatoes and much juicier. Considering that it is a hybrid between berry and oilseed, it is a rather peculiar product. When prepared in brine, they are preserved for a long time and are a delicious complement to snacks and dishes. For example:

● Pizza

● With seafood such as cod, tuna, or tilapia

● With some types of creamy cheeses, salads, and white wines

On the other hand, peppers are of great variety, both in colors and flavors. There are two immediate categories of chili peppers: sweet and spicy. Sweet peppers are the most used for their versatility. If it ends at a point like a habanero, despite being small and flattened, it is very spicy. But if it is rounded and tipless like bell peppers, then it is not spicy. Similarly, hot peppers usually have very bright colors at their early ripeness and turn dark as they dry.

Olive and pepper

Since we have understood the main characteristics of olive and pepper , we can determine why they are so compatible. Both complement each other, none counteracts the flavor of the other, and their nature makes a perfect combination of textures and colors.

How to choose and combine olives and peppers

N o matter what combination you want, you should know that technically all types of chili pepper are compatible with olives and especially with EVOO. You can choose sweet peppers to make a starter dish like a salad or a mix for canapés. Take advantage of their various colors: Green, red, orange, yellow, and purple.

If you are going to make a salad, they are ideal formixing them cut into strips and adding a good dressing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil , or if you prefer, you can add only the oil, only olives in brine cut into slices, or add both in equal quantities.

Another option is to use sweet peppers to prepare canapés with some creamy cheese of your choice. Always choose peppers that have little time in a state of ripeness for this type of preparation since the ripper they are, the bitter taste they usually have, more than those that are fresh, and this applies to both categories, both for spicy and sweet.

Once you have chosen your peppers, roast them with a bit of olive oil and let them cook over low heat, so they will become soft and release their juice, which will help them mix easily with the cheese. You can do it with a hand mixer or liquefy it. You can even use sour cream or add a little to the cheese preparation to make it silkier. To serve the canapés, simply spread the preparation on cookies and drip a little olive oil.

olive oil and lemons Olive and pepper

Preparing soups is just as simple. Combine all varieties of peppers and add them in pieces along with some onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, and of course, a good dose of olive oil. For that, you have to sauté all the vegetables in a pan with the olive oil hot enough, so the soup will have a more concentrated flavor and the touch of olive you need.

The same principles are followed to prepare a dish or snack with hot peppers such as habanero or jalapeño. We just have to be guided by our taste and the type of flavor and sensation we want to achieve.Jalapeños are versatile, so you can use them raw or in brine. But if you like them to have a special touch, add black olives. This type of oliveis slightly more bitter than conventional ones, but its natural flavor is accentuated and rich in iron. To prepare a balanced and flavorful snack with these two elements, just make a mixture of (1) creamy cheese of your choice, (2) jalapeños and chopped black olives, (3) a little honey, and (4) a pinch of salt and pepper.

All these tips might behelpful to you. But if cooking is not your thing, or you just want to be more practical, then take a look at our store! And try the delicious Spicy olive and pepper tapenade. Live the We Olive experience. Contact us:, call 805 238 2900, or visit our olive oil stores near me section to find the closed We Olive store and experience our delicious tastings!

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