We Olive Raspberry Basil Vinegar

$26.00 - $43.00

We Olive's raspberry basil vinegar is made with fresh picked, organic raspberries and basil steeped in vinegar to create a symphony of tastes.  These subtly tart and deliciously sweet flavors pair well with any We Olive extra virgin olive oil but you can also try pairing it with We Olive Blood Orange Olive Oil or We Olive Garlic Olive oil for a tasty marinade on your favorite meat.  

How To Use Raspberry Basil Vinegar

  • On salads including Caprese Salad for a new twist
  • In your favorite marinade 
  • Make a reduction and serve it on desserts or your favorite soft cheese
  • Add a splash to your favorite sparkling beverage or spirit
  • Make a raspberry basil vinaigrette


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