Exclusive Corporate Gift Boxes: Elevate Your Gifting Game with We Olive

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 24th Jul 2023

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Exclusive Corporate Gift Boxes: Elevate Your Gifting Game with We Olive

Emotion, mystery, happiness, and surprise are just a few of the feelings one experiences upon receiving a gift. That moment when you untie a bow, unwrap the package, or open a bag seems to suspend time and engage all the senses. No matter the age, almost everyone enjoys receiving gifts. However, there exists a distinct and intriguing category of gifts - the corporate gift boxes. Let's delve into what these gifts are all about.

● What are Corporate Gift Boxes?

● Reasons To Give a Corporate Gift Box!

● Keys to Making a Corporate Gift That Impresses

● Personalize and Send Exclusive Corporate Gift Boxes

What are Corporate Gift Boxes?

A gift is often regarded as an ideal ambassador for conveying a message. In personal relationships, gifts are used to express emotions such as love, forgiveness, joy, or friendship. However, a corporate gift serves a different purpose – it is given to strengthen labor relations or connect with the individuals involved in the business. Therefore, not every type of gift qualifies as a corporate gift, as it must demonstrate seriousness and genuine interest.

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To whom can a corporate gift be given? Corporate gifts are exchanged among customers, employees, colleagues, collaborators, suppliers, and trusted personnel within a business or company. They can also be presented on special occasions, such as the company's anniversary, in celebration of joint achievements, fairs, or advertising events, among others.

Reasons for Giving Corporate Gift Boxes

For some companies, giving corporate gifts has become a tradition during specific dates of the year, while others plan them with specific objectives. This practice is not limited to large companies but is also embraced by small businesses across various industries. Unlike personal gifts, corporate gift boxes are chosen based on motives that contribute to the company's strengths.

Among the most common reasons for giving this type of gift are the following:

  1. Show appreciation: Corporate gifts serve as expressions of gratitude or incentives, whether directed towards customers or the staff working within the company.
  2. Promote a better environment: A thoughtful gesture can convey interest, recognition, and appreciation for both the work being done and the individuals involved. These gestures contribute to fostering a better working environment among the company's staff.
  3. Strengthen trust: When closing a business deal, many find that sending a gift to the counterparty enhances the fidelity of commercial or corporate agreements. It is a way to demonstrate commitment and seriousness and lay a solid foundation for the working relationship.
  4. Consolidate your brand: Some companies use corporate gifts as part of advertising campaigns to promote their products. By making customers feel valued, these gifts can leave a lasting impression and have a positive impact on the image of the business or its products.

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Keys to Making a Corporate Gift That Impresses

The type of gift you select will largely depend on your intention and the recipient. For instance, if you want to give something to your customers, opting for a small or low-cost item allows you to extend your gift to a larger number of people. However, when it comes to gifts within the company, the approach should be different, especially when it's intended for your boss, a colleague, an important supplier, or a trusted employee.

Here are 5 keys to creating impressive corporate gifts:

● Have a budget: Consider a corporate gift as an investment, recognizing the non-monetary benefits of fostering strong working relationships and trust. Allocate a reasonable budget for the gift to ensure it achieves the desired effect. Remember, the focus should be on providing a quality gift rather than simply giving for the sake of it.

● Give quality: The best corporate gifts are those that serve a useful purpose in the recipient's daily life, solving a problem, or offering something genuinely enjoyable. Personalized corporate gift boxes can be an excellent option, allowing you to tailor the theme while maintaining affordability and elegance. For example, you can include special selections of wine, extra virgin olive oil , gourmet products, and seasonal sweets, among others.

● Personalize your gift: In addition to usefulness, aim to add a personalized touch to the gift. If it's for a specific person, consider reviewing their profile or social networks to get an idea of their personal preferences. Include a brief note or, if possible, customize the product with your company's logo or the recipient's name. Some stores offer personalized items such as EVOO oil bottles, coffee thermoses, cups, etc.

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● Send the right message: While a thoughtful gift can leave a positive impression, ensure it doesn't convey the wrong message. Avoid implying that you expect favors in return for the gift, as it may be seen as insincere or desperate. Strike a balance between the gift's value, utility, and intention.

● Choose the right time: Effective corporate gifting involves planning when and how the gifts will be presented. Consider the occasions when you would like to give gifts, keeping them special and meaningful. For instance, gifting can occur after closing an agreement, announcing a promotion, achieving a joint goal, etc. Additionally, consider whether to send the gift or deliver it personally, as unexpected gifts often have a more significant impact.

Personalize and Send Exclusive Corporate Gift Boxes

As a businessperson, you might be thinking that you don't have the time to create such personalized gifts. However, the good news is that at We Olive, we take care of helping you create these gifts in a customized manner and even send them to the address of your choice. If you're wondering about top-rated olive oil stores near me, you can visit one of our branches to curate a remarkable gift.

We offer an incredible array of options suitable for all types of recipients, featuring exclusive gourmet products. If you want to learn more about our products or the shipping process, feel free to reach out to us at or call 805 238 2900, and we will be more than happy to address all your inquiries. Alternatively, you can explore our " Corporate" section to discover some of our most popular products, including corporate gift boxes.

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