Olive Oil Flavors - How to Use Each One for Outstanding Dishes

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 26th Jun 2023

Olive oil flavors

Olive Oil Flavors - How to Use Each One for Outstanding Dishes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is currently produced in many countries, is distributed, and consumed regularly, either alone or infused for a variety of olive oil flavors, and is also much better known about it now, about its nutritional properties, its benefits to health in general, and its versatility combined with other foods.

Since olive oil is more popular now, the cuisines of different cultures have given it their touch and seasoning, as the oil can be part of the process and also complement a dish, in certain places they have found a way to add the characteristic flavors of the region and these can go from one extreme to another as sweet and spicy. Let's see what you can do to enter the world of gourmet cuisine!

Olive oil flavors: What are infused olive oils?

Infused olive oils are prepared by adding spices, plants, or fruits of different types to give them a characteristic flavor and thus flavor the meals or season them more easily. Extra virgin olive oil is an outstanding example to create extraordinary olive oil flavors.

In addition to the fact that extra virgin olive oil is low in calories , it has a very neutral flavor, the fruit from which the oil is extracted, which is the olives, also contains a significant amount of fiber, which makes it an oil low in cholesterol and high conservation, that is, it can last a long time in cold or hot weather.

Therefore, to infuse or flavor an EVOO there are two options: rest it cold or cook the spices or fruits with the same oil so that they release their aroma and flavor.

Now, to prepare an infused oil all you need is an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, the other supplements in a fresh state, and a vacuum-sealing bottle. The EVOO is left to sit for several days and finally becomes an extraordinarily versatile food and ingredient.

Some examples of ingredients to combine with the oil are:

  • Garlic olive oil
  • Capers
  • Olive oil and lemon
  • Basil olive oil
  • Olive and fig
  • Rosemary
  • Jalapeño

garlic olive oil olive oil and lemons Basil olive oil olive and fig

These are just a few examples of everything that can be done with ab authentic extra virgin olive oil, but what about the properties? Is it healthy to consume it?

Olive oil calories: Do the calories increase in infused olive oil?

When preparing an infusion, it is natural for the olive oil calories to increase, as each food has its own unique amount of calories and nutrients. However, despite this increase, infused olive oil remains a healthy option and does not fundamentally alter the composition of the EVOO.

In most cases, the consistency of the EVOO also remains unchanged, unless exposed to extreme weather conditions or mixed with additional supplements or excessive amounts of vegetable juice. Therefore, there is typically no need to worry. The increase in calories from infused olive oils is generally moderate and minimal. Moreover, these increased calories do not compromise the inherent properties of the oil, but instead, provide an opportunity to discover new flavors and tastes.

How to use olive oil flavors

There are numerous dishes that are superior in taste thanks to infused olive oils. We are sure that these flavors should be tasted at least once in your life because it is about experimenting with textures and tones, which you will surely want to implement in your dishes.

The most common flavors used in gourmet gastronomy are at least three:

Olive oil calories Jalapeno olive oil

How can you use each of the olive oil flavors?

Lemon-infused olive oil offers a refreshing flavor that pairs well with salads and lightly cooked vegetables such as capers, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, and certain types of onions. It can also be used to enhance sauces, complement yeast bread, or add a zesty touch to canapés.

On the other hand, rosemary-infused olive oil boasts a slightly stronger flavor and can be utilized in a wide range of dishes, particularly with steak or fish. The aromatic qualities of rosemary accentuate the natural flavors of the meat. Additionally, it can be used to prepare rice, sauté root vegetables, or add flavor to raw dough made with fresh yeast.

Spicy-infused olive oil is popular worldwide, although preferences for its intensity may vary across different regions. With the vast variety of chili peppers available, there are numerous possibilities for combinations. If you desire a spicy kick in your meals, use it as a regular oil for cooking meats and vegetables. It can also be used to create mayonnaise or mixed with lemon juice for a delightful accompaniment to seafood.

Can I make my own flavored olive oil?

Although we are not all expert cooks or chefs, of course, we can all make extraordinary olive oil flavors.

The first thing you should do is get an extra virgin olive oil, of guaranteed quality, and the rest of your fresh ingredients, also of good quality, that will ensure the future flavor of your infusion.

If you are not sure what ingredient or ingredients you want to add to the EVOO, you can start with the basics mentioned above, while you gain experience and try different recipes you can add new flavors.

Something that you must take into account is that the EVOO and the preserves or preparations that you make with it should always be in glass containers, because plastic and other materials, even metal, can greatly alter the composition of the extra virgin olive oil and although at first impression does not change the flavor, over time it will be more noticeable.

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