Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taste on 9th Jan 2023

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most nutritious oils, in addition to its versatility in the world of gastronomy. But what about olive oil vs coconut oil? Surely when going to the supermarket, you have noticed that this oil has been gaining presence in the use of the kitchen. Or maybe your friends will rave about this one. But is it better than  EVOO? Which can offer you greater benefits to your health? What should you consider when choosing?

Today we will make a comparison of these two incredible products:

  • Olive Oil vs. Coconut Oil: what are their uses?
  • What olive oil and coconut oil have in common
  • Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil: what are their differences?
  • Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil Which to Choose?
  • Get the best quality EVOO

Olive Oil vs. Coconut Oil: what are their uses?

Do you know the acronym VCO? These are often referred to as virgin coconut oil, a type of oil with a purity rating. While it is true that the use of coconut oil is nothing new, it has frequently been used as a topical beauty treatment and moisturizer. However, in recent years the use of coconut oil in cooking has become popular. The reason? Because this coconut oil has excellent beneficial characteristics that are worth considering.

On the other hand, EVOO is the denomination of extra virgin olive oil, that is, the classification that allows us to recognize an olive oil of the best quality. EVOO oil is extracted from some types of olives, such as Arbequina, Hojiblanca, and Picual, among others. Genuine EVOO has come to be used as a lighting fuel, skin moisturizer, wound healing, and other natural remedies. But extra virgin olive oil is one of the key elements of the Mediterranean diet , one of the most recommended healthy eating styles. So currently, its use has spread in world gastronomy.

What olive oil and coconut oil have in common

  • Digestive function

Do you have gastrointestinal diseases? These two oils often bring an improvement to the functions of the digestive system. Even many usually consume them on an empty stomach as it favors good intestinal circulation, as well as better absorption of nutrients.

  • Certification

Both certified olive oil and coconut oil can be found in different presentations. For example, coconut oil can be found to be refined, bleached, and deodorized. But if you are looking for the healthiest for consumption, you should ensure that it has the denomination "extra virgin." Both can even have official certifications that guarantee their quality.

certified olive oil

  • Calories

Considering the serving size of 1 tablespoon, both EVOO and VCO contain about 120 calories. Therefore, although its daily consumption is recommended, it should always be a portion in moderation when taking into account calories.

  • Extraction process

Both extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil have a cold extraction processing directly from the fruit. This allows it to be free of harmful chemicals and better preserve its beneficial properties for consumption.

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil: what are their differences?

● Smoking point

The smoke point or heat resistance level allows you to calculate the temperature when sautéing, frying, and baking. Once the smoke point is exceeded, the oil begins to smoke or burn, causing it to lose its properties. EVOO is considered to have a smoke point of 410°F, while that of EVOO is up to 350°F.

● Vitamins

Studies show that the olive can surpass coconut in benefits when we talk about fruit. Some indicators have shown that olive oil usually has higher levels of vitamins. For example, in one tablespoon, the EVOO can have up to 2mg of vitamin E, while the VCO contains about 0.01mg.

● Polyphenols

As for antioxidant agents that favor the proper functioning of the circulatory system, anti-inflammatory, and others, extra virgin olive oil can have up to 80% more polyphenols than coconut oil. For example, while EVOO has 36 different polyphenols, VCO only has 6.

● Saturated fat

One of the most important indications when consuming food is to consider saturated fats, as these increase bad cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. You may be surprised to learn that coconut oil can have 88% of this fat in a tablespoon, while EVOO has as little as 15%.

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil Which to Choose?

It is worth mentioning that the scientific evidence we have about coconut oil is more limited, while in EVOO, there is more significant support from studies. Therefore, the analysis we have conducted is based on existing scientific evidence, although it is possible that over time parameters will emerge that can more accurately rate the effectiveness of VCO. Even so, it is clear that both have positive characteristics that are beneficial to health.

Now, when it comes to choosing what type of oil you will use, you should also keep in mind that it can provide interesting notes of flavor and aroma in your preparations, enhance flavors and even give a different touch to your dishes. In this aspect, undoubtedly, extra virgin olive oil has a great advantage over coconut oil. Whether in salads, vinaigrettes, or any other natural preparation, it usually provides a fresh and extremely pleasant sensation to the palate.

 A18 Extra virgin olive oil arbequina

Still, this doesn't mean we should completely exclude extra-virgin coconut oil for cooking. Some consider it better than using butter or another type of fat for baked goods. Of course, remember that to get the most benefit from oil, specialists recommend consuming it raw and avoiding frying so that harmful elements are not created. You can also use these oils for cooking your food, considering that daily consumption should not exceed 1.35oz or 3 tablespoons.

Get the best quality EVOO.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, for many, is not a matter of luxury but rather a pressing need that brings benefits in the short and long term. People who manage to integrate a good diet often develop fewer chronic diseases, better health control, and even a longer life expectancy. Therefore, knowing how to choose your foods, especially those you consume most frequently, is vital.

Over the years, the Mediterranean diet has shown that always choosing extra virgin olive oil in your life will bring incredible benefits to your life. Want to get the best California  EVOO? Shop now or email us at, call 805 238 2900, or look for olive oil stores near me and discover an easy and safe process of obtaining the highest quality oil.

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