Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 30th May 2022

olive oil vs avocado oil

Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil

The search for avocado oil vs olive oil has become increasingly popular with consumers in recent years. That need arises thanks to the search for a healthy lifestyle, the consumption of more organic and genuine products, as well as the pleasure of enjoying food on a daily basis and on special occasions.

But does it matter which oil we choose? Which is the best? Those are important and necessary questions every time we go shopping to refill our pantry. Thus, we invite you to discover the characteristics that distinguish each of these fantastic culinary elements. Today, we will talk to you about their similarities and the differences that make them unique.

Similarities Between Olive Oil and Avocado Oil

It is important to mention that when we talk about avocado oil vs olive oil, something that stands out is that both products are considered healthy. Thanks to their great virtues and natural characteristics, both contribute to a balanced diet and increase the flavors of each dish. Their versatility and authenticity distinguish them from other vegetable or seed oils.

Next, we will talk about four similarities between EVOO and avocado oil:

  1. High nutritional properties
  2. They are part of the Mediterranean diet
  3. Cold extraction method
  4. An equal number of calories and fat

High nutritional properties

EVOO oil and avocado oil have a high nutrient content since they are important sources of healthy fats , vitamins, and minerals that positively affect our health. Thus, they prevent and control some chronic conditions as long as they are consumed periodically and in moderation.

They are part of the Mediterranean diet  

The Mediterranean diet suggests using EVOO or avocado oil instead of butter, dressings, shortening, or mayonnaise to replace saturated fats. They also contain abundant antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals

Cold extraction method

The most common way for the extraction and greater conservation of its nutrients, the cold method, is a mechanical process free of chemical processes. As a result, an extra virgin product without odor and flavor defects is guaranteed. However, it is worth mentioning that it also has some differences during the process and handling of the fruit.

An equal number of calories and fat

Experts point out that a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil contains about 120 calories, plus 14 grams of fat. Of these fats, ten are monounsaturated, which is ideal for keeping cholesterol and blood pressure under control

Differences between avocado oil and EVOO

It is essential to emphasize that each oil has differences and exceptional virtues. Knowing them will allow you to make a decision that benefits your family, but above all, it will help you understand how and when to use each of these oils.

Avocado oil vs olive oil : what are the differences?

  1. Taste
  2. Temperature resistance
  3. Nutrient concentration
  4. Accessibility


If you want to know how to combine these oils with your dishes, you must know their flavor characteristics. In the case of avocado oil, it usually provides a more neutral flavor. So, you can use it in both main dishes and desserts without fear of changing the essence of what you want to achieve.

In contrast, extra virgin olive oil offers a more intense flavor that can help bring out other flavors or spices. It goes very well with Italian herbs, fruit, veggies, and meat, but also with mild flavors. It is worth mentioning that genuine olive oil tasters take into account the type of olive harvested since each one gives it a truly unique touch.

Temperature resistance

The smoking point of oils is used to indicate the maximum temperature that it can withstand. That is important because if this reference point is exceeded, the oil will lose its nutritional properties and generate free radicals and toxic gasses. It can also change the taste and smell of the oil, so it's important to use the correct temperature when using them for cooking.

On the other hand, certified olive oil has a smoke point of 405º F, while avocado oil goes up to 500º F, making it better for frying. However, it must be considered that the ideal way to consume them is raw, either in salads and sauces or at low temperatures as sautéed.

Nutrient concentration

As we mentioned before, when comparing avocado oil vs olive oil, you can see that they have very similar nutritional profiles. However, individually, the concentration of nutrients can vary from one to another. For example, in the case of avocado oil can have 23% of the daily value of vitamin E per tablespoon, while California olive oil offers up to 33%.

On the other hand, both oils help protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases. In fact, some researchers suggest that they are remarkably effective and prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So, we can conclude that each one will bring unique and specific benefits to your health.


In many countries, there is greater commercialization of the best extra virgin olive oil, while avocado oil is not so easily found. Although EVOO has more options for flavored olive oil, producers, and costs, it isn't easy to acquire extra virgin avocado oil in some areas, although its production has been increasing in recent years.

Currently, EVOO oil can be found both in self-service stores and in olive oil stores. Similarly, our online store offers you the opportunity to get the best extra virgin olive oil produced by artisan California farmers without even leaving home. You can find a wide variety of the highest quality and certificated olive oil that will surely adapt to your needs and tastes. Search for olive oil stores near me today!

What is the best oil for you?

Today there is a significant difference in choices of which is the best oil. And the reason is very simple; it depends largely on each consumer's preference. Both oils can be an excellent option for your kitchen. For many, EVOO's unique and authentic flavor has managed to captivate their palates, making it a staple in their pantry.

If you want to experience extra virgin olive oil health benefits and learn about the wide variety of flavors it can offer, visit our online olive oil store today. You can also call 805 238 2900 or write to us at, and we will provide you with all the information you need about avocado oil vs olive oil.

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