Labeled Bottles—The New Trend in Modern Kitchens

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 30th Jan 2023

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Labeled Bottles—The New Trend in Modern Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the home spaces where you can enjoy coexistence, laughter, and moments that enrich the day. For this reason, although it is a simple and everyday place, the care of our kitchens should not come second since you can create an even more pleasant environment. With this in mind, today we will talk about labeled bottles: A new way to give a modern touch to your kitchen when used with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

Many furniture organizers recommend that to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and falling into monotony, it is good that every 6 months we review the facilities we use. This revision can consist of deep cleaning, retouching the paint of spaces we frequently touch, discarding what we do not use, and even making changes in the design style.

What you should keep in mind when designing your kitchen

The kitchen is a space where creativity has infinite possibilities regarding your recipes and decorative aspects. Some are formal, classic, rustic, and of different dimensions. Therefore, whether your kitchen is large or small, we must always make this space comfortable and have its style. Similarly, making reforms and changes periodically allows the environment to be refreshed.

As for colors and furniture, always look for these to bring you light and warmth since being a space where we spend a lot of time, the colors we choose can even influence our mood. Although aesthetics is essential, we must not forget functionality and practicality. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the lighting and distribution of the elements that are part of it.

Types of labeled bottles and their importance

When it comes to distribution, labeled bottles prove highly useful since the kitchen is a space where you constantly move and take objects. The kitchen's order is essential even for something as simple as preparing a salad consisting of staples like leafy greens, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. It's so nice to have everything organized!

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Of course, keeping the kitchen in a restaurant or home in perfect condition can be challenging. Especially when we talk about families with several members, a strategic organization is required. To this end, labeled bottles make it easier to locate the products in them and even reduce the work of rearranging.

These are two fundamental types of labels:

● Informational labels

This label is significant when purchasing the products, you will use in your kitchen. These can provide important information such as the expiration date, quality, calories it contains, or other nutritional elements. Or, as in the case of EVOO, it can tell you the harvest date if it has any certification and type of olive. So the informative labels on the back of the products allow you to choose the best quality for consumption.

● Custom labels

These have a more aesthetic purpose. Some companies offer you the opportunity to acquire some products with personalized labels or tags, which are ideal for gifts and modernizing your kitchen. On the other hand, some prefer to customize the tags themselves. Remember that you can use custom labels for products and even signal spaces in your cupboard.

Materials that can be used to customize labels

Ready to renew? In many cases, people prefer to order labeled bottles directly from their supplier, as this saves them time and the labeling has a professional quality. Instead, others prefer to design their labels. The material used will depend on the type of product, the shape of the container or space you want to create, and the style of your kitchen.

All in all, these are some of the most common materials to use:

● Retractable: Glue fixed and flexible.

● Rubber: This microinjected material can have reliefs and adheres to different surfaces.

● Tatefan: It is an economical, practical material with various colors.

● Self-adhering: Some have magnet interiors, making them easy to locate on metal surfaces.

● Type whiteboard: Dark material that allows you to write and erase letters easily.

3 advantages of labeled bottles

Those who give importance to the maintenance and periodic renovation of the kitchen achieve that it is always kept in good condition, safe and functional. In addition, it avoids deterioration of the space and, in the long term, reduces repair costs. Taking on the task of re-inventing this space does not have to be so overwhelming. You can start with small projects so that the transformation is gradual.

Here are 3 amazing advantages of using tags:

● It maintains an organized environment

Order is closely related to the hygiene and cleanliness of any space. In the case of the kitchen, labeled bottles and jars are an easy way to keep all your products organized. In general, glass containers are ideal as they are reusable, hygienic, and durable. In fact, they are great for EVOO oil products like olive and fig and olive oil and lemons .

olive and fig olive oil and lemons

● Find it easily

Has it happened to you that you are looking for a product in the cupboard and have to move everything? Labeled bottles can help you locate the ingredients you need quickly. This can save you time, speed up your elaborations, and also allow you to reorganize again when you finish cooking.

● It gives a more aesthetic touch

In addition to its practicality, the spaces and labeled bottles bring a touch of originality and a better kitchen appearance. Many homemakers empty products such as rice, beans, and other grains for this use. Also, some liquids, such as oil dispensers,can be helpful.

Re-invent your kitchen with just one click

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