How to Taste Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted by Ruth Mercurio, Professional Olive Oil & Wine Taster on 7th Feb 2022


How to Taste Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Authentic extra virgin olive oil is famous for its incredible health benefits and incomparable taste. However, how can you know for sure if the EVOO you are consuming is authentic? In short, the best extra virgin olive oil is the result of high-quality standards and ancient artisan production processes. That is what you will find at We Olive, the top-rated California olive oil store.

Although it is one of the most common foods and ingredients, counterfeit quality products are everywhere, and we might have never noticed. Many producers claim to have extra virgin olive oil. Yet, they do not meet even the most simple standards established by various institutions.

Therefore, we will analyze some keys to help you identify genuine EVOO and low-quality or fave olive oil.

Check the label

The best extra virgin olive oilis superior in taste, production, and quality. Therefore, the label can say a lot. For example, EVOO is made with the first cold extraction following an organic process.

In addition, genuine extra virgin olive oil has been certified by at least one organization. For example, We Olive's EVOO products come with a COOC seal. It is a certificate provided by the California Olive Oil Council, ensuring that each product goes through the most rigorous quality standards, thus guaranteeing 100 % Genuine extra virgin olive oil made only in California by artisan producers.

Become an expert EVOO taster

Typically, glass bottles do not allow us to perceive the color well, but if you have the chance of tasting olive oil before buying it, focus on the aroma and the sensation it leaves in the mouth. For instance, bitterness is crucial for its flavor. In fact, the acidity of an adequate oil should be close to 0.1, and the higher the acidity, the lower the quality.

Further, avoid transparent packaging or clear bottles since extra virgin olive oil is sensitive to light and oxygenation since it reduces its quality or “extra virginity.” Thus, the best brands pack their liquid gold in dark bottles to preserve its freshness.

How is a professional tasting performed? Before granting an EVOO company a certification, the tasting process is rigorous and carried out with 8 or 12 expert tasters. They get a glass with 15 ml of olive oil, and then the cup is covered with a base until it reaches a temperature of 28 ° to enhance its aromatic components.

At We Olive’s locations, we have delicious olive oil tastings so you can experience the whole process. You will be surprised by the scent notes you perceive; they are usually fruity and leave an itching sensation in the throat. Such a spicy sensation in the throat that makes you cough is due to polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that originate from the olive itself and have extraordinary health benefits.

Our EVOO experts will tell you everything you need to know to tell right away when a product is authentic or fake extra virgin olive oil.

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Extra virgin olive oil is worth it!

Can the best extra virgin olive oil be cheap? That is a crucial question since consuming a low cost product usually means it is deficient olive oil. A cheap brand would sacrifice quality to offer a low price.

Therefore, if you are looking for genuine extra virgin olive oil, don’t choose the cheapest option; choose the certified top-quality brand - yes, choose We Olive.

At We Olive, you will find the best California EVOO. Experience for yourself authentic extra virginity, freshness, and outstanding flavor from our artisan producers!